18 habits that 99% of successful people have in common


18 habits that 99% of successful people have in common.

I was an absolute bum at 24. But the past 10 years (25–35) have been a magnificent journey of self-mastery (that work is never done, fyi).


I realized around 25 years old that I needed to rebuild myself. So I studied the best habits, from the greatest minds, and figured out ways to incorporate them into my own life.

These are the 18 habits that popped up most often when I read literally 700+ books & articles on self improvement, self mastery, personal development, etc.

1. Exercise

The benefits of exercise are too numerous to list. And you already know them.

Humans were made to move, lift, bend, stretch, squat, lunge, etc.

2. Meditation

It’s safe to say that most successful people meditate.

Adding even just a 5 minute morning meditation has been a game changer for me. It’s helping me get perspective and clarity.

3. Good diet

With the exception of Warren Buffett, I know of no successful people who eat junk.

No one is saying you have to be Tom Brady (avocado ice cream? hard no) but you should try to eat whole foods, in moderation, and skip the donuts.

4. Journaling

For me journaling is less about my emotions and more about my thoughts. It’s another way to gain clarity.

It also helps me remember all the good ideas I’ve had and ones I’ve come across.

5. Relaxation

You have to build this time into your schedule or you won’t get it.

The hustle culture has taken over and made us think that everyone is grinding 20 hours a day. Smart people aren’t.

6. A bias toward action

I practice what I call Active Patience. This requires a bias toward daily action, with patience regarding long-term results.

We’ve all seen the writer who joins Medium and writes 3 articles, wonders why they have no followers and gives up their action.

Writing every day is hard. Doing anything worthwhile day in and day out is hard.

7. Positivity

Another key I love to live by? Perpetual optimism. I’m a realist but I believe things will work out well in the end.

Colin Powell referred to optimism as a force multiplier. He was a very smart man.

8. Networking

For the new year I pick themes. This year it’s simplify and engage.

Networking doesn’t work without engagement. It also doesn’t work if you’re always looking to get instead of give. Be more curious about what you can do for your network than what you can get from them.

9. Waking up early

Pretty much every successful person is up (relatively) early. There are the 4am folk, sure, which is wild. But, most don’t sleep past 7.

I myself get up between 6 and 6:30. That’s the optimal time for me.

10. Frugality

Frugality is not cheapness.

It’s the willingness to take a moment to wonder what you’re actually spending money on.

It’s also the willingness to build for tomorrow instead of consume for today.

11. Reading

Warren B may not eat healthy, but he reads a lot. As do all successful people.

Reading lets you get into the greatest minds. It lets you steal ideas to use for your own good. It gives you the best mentors for free, or cheap.

12. Plan creation

Mind boggling that most people just wing their days. They know some basics like “gotta get to work by 9”, but other than that- no plans.

Successful people take time to create a layout of their day, week, month, quarter, etc.

13. Questions

Successful people ask a lot of questions. Of others yes, but also themselves.

What am I doing that works? What doesn’t? How I can do this better, faster? What do I want to be remembered for?

14. Gratitude

Gratitude exercises will change your mindset and your life.

We bitch about the dumbest things in first world countries. Take a few minutes throughout your day to think of all that you’re grateful for.

Be forewarned…this can become addicting.

15. Connection (socializing)

Successful people don’t ignore their family and friends. They value them and spend time with them often.

They also engage with their networks frequently. I’m on Twitter every day talking to like minds. It’s energizing and educating.

16. Endcap the days properly (routine)

Having a morning routine and an evening routine is a big key to success.

End-capping your days properly will ensure that you have no zero days. You’re always doing something for your greater good.

17. Walking

Walking is good for the body and the mind.

Most successful people have a walking habit. Many of them walking a few miles per day.

18. Prioritization

Successful people know that time and energy is limited. So they prioritize their days.

I turned my unruly to-do list into a streamlined Must Do list. That was a big step into owning my days.


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