Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #87 


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #87

Portion 1

This Beautiful MONTH, Testimonies of God’s favour will continue to abound in my life. The star of my life will keep on shining brighter and brighter to God’s glory.

Portion 2

This Beautiful MONTH, No negative verdict will work in my life. It is victory ever and defeat never for me. My life will continue to work.


Portion 3

This Beautiful MONTH, No arrow of the wicked will touch me and my household in any way. My God will continue to do wonders in my life and destiny.

Portion 4

This Beautiful MONTH, Signs and wonders will keep dominating my life for good. People will continue to celebrate my God. The might of God will keep reflecting in my life.

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Portion 5

This Beautiful MONTH, Affliction and sorrows will never be part of me. There shall be no form of captivity in my life. I will continue to prosper exceedingly.

Portion 6

This Beautiful MONTH, Everything I do will continue to work. No evil of the day will affect me in any way. My life will continue to bless many greatly.

Portion 7

This Beautiful MONTH, The land will keep yielding abundant harvest for me. No weapon fashioned against my destiny shall work.

Portion 8

This Beautiful MONTH, I will never get stranded as far as supplies is concerned. Blessings will never depart from my household. Wealth and riches will continue to abound in my life.

Portion 9

This Beautiful MONTH, Generational blessings will continue to abound in my life. Every aspect of my life will keep experiencing the bounties of God.

Portion 10

This Beautiful MONTH, My way shall become clearer and clearer to the glory of God. Riches and honour will continue to be portion wherever I am.

❤️A new month has come loaded with possibilities and unlimited blessings. Declare the blessings!🙏🏿

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