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Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #69

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #69

Portion 1

This Blessed WEEK, The things that trouble others will never trouble me. The power of God will continue to show forth in my life. Up and up is my portion continually.

Portion 2

This Blessed WEEK, The anointing of God will keep increasing in my life. The love of God will keep abounding in me. No virtue shall become dead in my life.


Portion 3

This Blessed WEEK, No mountain will limit me in any way. My faith in God will continue to work wonders for me and my loved ones.

Portion 4

This Blessed WEEK, My giving and sacrifices will continue to work diligently for me. All things will keep working to my advantage. I will keep serving God with joy.

Portion 5

This Blessed WEEK, My life will keep blessing people exceedingly. I will keep spending my day in prosperity and my years in pleasure.

Portion 6

This Blessed WEEK, I receive afresh the power to keep serving God acceptably. Divine wisdom will continue to dominate my life in every way.

Portion 7

This Blessed WEEK, I will keep making things happen in God. My life will never be a burden to anyone and I will never miss my blessing. The fire of love will keep burning in me for God.

Portion 8

This Blessed WEEK, I shall be empowered afresh to be a great influence wherever I am to the glory of God. There shall be no more dry season in my life in any way.

Portion 9

This Blessed WEEK, It will continue to be forward movement for me in every way. I receive and believe that I am destined for greatness in every good way.

Portion 10

This Blessed WEEK, My path will continue to be a shining light more and more. I shall continue to be abundantly blessed for every good work. Divine strength is ever my portion.

❤️What you tell yourself is far more powerful than what anyone tells you. There is power in speaking and thinking great positive words over your own life. Never stop doing this! Remember to share the blessings! 🙏🏿

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