24 Mission Statements For becoming Great Mothers


24 mission statements for mothers 

To help the kids develop their innate skills and talents and gifts.


To teach them not just good manners, but the genuine concern for other people and their feelings that good manners are really all about.

To teach them the meaning of true charity and to be sure they learn the good feelings that come from not just giving money but giving time, and giving of yourself for a good cause.

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To teach them that true charity goes beyond just giving time or money to worthy causes but also involves being charitable to individuals who may need their caring, or their help.

To teach them not to gossip, not to spread any story till they are positive it is true, and even then, to ask themselves: What is to be gained by repeating this story? Who will be hurt if I repeat it? And if in doubt, to keep their mouths shut.

To teach them to have respect for other people’s differences and not in temperament, in background, in intelligence, or in physical ability.

To teach them to take pride in whatever they do, whether it’s an occupation or a hobby or a necessary task that they view as drudgery.

To teach them to respect the rights and the property of others.

To teach them honesty, honor and integrity. 

To teach them to be open to new experiences of all sorts and yet cautious that they not try anything dangerous or foolhardy or illegal.

To teach them to have a good work ethic and give one hundred percent of their effort and energy to any project, whether in their professional or personal life.

To teach them to respect their own bodies by eating right, getting enough exercise, and not ingesting substances that are bad for them, including cigarettes and drugs as well as excessive junk foods.



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