🌻11 Ways To Reaching Your Full Potential


Be Intentional — Your Potential will only be realized if you are fully behind what you do. This means being in the present, giving everything conscious effort and actively making more of the choices you already make. Those that succeed the most are those that give everything they have.
Push Your Comfort Zone — In 9/10 cases it is not our limits that limit us but rather our desire for comfort, or rather the aversion to discomfort, that limits us. Basically this means that you can more than you think you can… you just don’t want to.
Strive To Improve — When you strive for more from yourself you will notice that your long-term limits are basically endless. You have a near infinite potential for growth. Use it.

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Don’t Look Back — There are countless opportunities you will miss, as you can only chose a single path at any given moment. Do not look back at what could have been or what you could have chosen. You chose to be here, right now, and did not chose another path. Own it.
Own Who You Are — You are who you are; make the most of it. This is true for every characteristic and personality trait, as well as for your life’s situation. Own your life, as there is no point wishing for something that will not instantly change.
Accept What You Want — If you want more, go for more. You don’t need any justification, no reasons, and no explanations. Your desires are what they are. Chase them.
Persist — Life will knock you down more times than you want it to, but remember that to win in life overall you only have to get up one more time than it knocks you down. This may be a lot overall, but in that moment it will always only be one more time.
Challenge Yourself — Every time you push yourself to your limits you notice what they actually are. Often you can do more than you think you can, but it takes a conscious choice to challenge what you believe your limits to be to see that you have actually been holding yourself back.
Move — Not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and in life overall. Progress and Growth are the cornerstones to that hold up your self-belief. To stabilize these you must keep going forward. Learn, improve, grow, move faster, with more purpose and with a spring in your every step.


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Learn To Laugh About Everything — Nothing limits you more than negativity, and nothing frees you more than positivity. There is a silver-lining in every bad experience and a lesson in every negative life event. Laugh about yourself, your situation and your problems and you will remain in control of each of them.
Take Massive Ownership Over Everything In Your Life — Without doing this you will be a subject to life and chance. If you cannot change it, or it wasn’t your fault or responsibility to change it, then taking responsibility makes no difference. But if it is on you and you don’t do anything, then your life will be worse because you didn’t take ownership of it.

Contributed by Lukas Schwekendiek

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