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It takes more work to stay successful than to become successful. The problem with becoming successful is what I call the prison paradox. It is like you are in a prison but you don’t know how to get out. The keys to unlock the prison bars could be right there by your side and you will be digging the ground with a wooden spoon.

But when the door is finally unlocked, very few people understand what exactly opened those doors. And this is why they cannot replicate their success. They had no idea what brought it in the first place.


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Success doesn’t come by hard work. Those who say it comes from hard work are just stroking their ego or don’t know any better. Success comes by being at the right place at the right time. Some call it luck. But it can be engineered if you know how to position yourself.

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Rich people who stay rich understand the importance of this. And they know what their responsibility is to stay rich. Here are 5 things rich people do to stay ahead:

  1. They Deeply Study What Matters to Them

Entrepreneurs who don’t have a deep understanding of their business or the economic cycles within their industry don’t last long. When you meet successful businesspeople, the detailed understanding they have about their business is almost scary.

Many do not know much of anything else. But they have a deep understanding of that which concerns them. This means that they read. They have subscriptions to platforms that give them premium information about what concerns them.

For example, someone who is in the investing space is probably reading Bloomberg, WSJ, richculture.co, and more. There is no place to compromise on knowledge. This is because one tiny piece of information missed can throw a wrench into their strategy.

The rich constantly study their area of expertise to stay rich.

  1. They Support Other People

Why? This is because they will need support someday. Nobody stays at the top for long without support. If you think only intelligence and know-how will keep you rich, you are mistaken.

People with support who know little will perform better than people who know much without support. Support is everything at the top. And the way you get support is to give support.

People who support others at the peak of their success and stardom are the ones who stay long there. Rich people who stay rich support others. And this doesn’t mean supporting poor people who are under them. This kind of support is for people they consider peers.

  1. They Move Fast

The moment you become successful, that is where your hard work begins. You have to learn to move fast. While others are still thinking and discussing, you have made a leap forward.

Rich people don’t plan and analyze much. They get to work and move with speed. Speed makes you stay ahead. To get information and do something tangible with it in less than 12 hours. That is the kind of speed we are talking about here.

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  1. Take Nothing Personal

People think when they hit a big success milestone, they will never get a rejection anymore. Not true. And this hits a lot of people really badly. In fact, it makes some suicidal.

They think now that they are all famous and rich, any opportunity they want will be theirs. But it doesn’t work that way. I will never forget George Clooney saying that he auditioned for a role in a movie and didn’t get it. This was after he was superfamous and all. Yes, that happens.

This drives a lot of people crazy. But the secret to getting past that is to take nothing personally. If you get a rejection, just move on. You are not going to be a good fit for everything you want. And even when you are, you will still get rejected for certain things. Learn to never take it personally.

The rich don’t sit to rationalize. They just move on. Those who sit to rationalize drown themselves in self-doubt and start losing what they have.

  1. They Know How to Say No

The less you do, the more you can perform. The secret to becoming more successful is in doing less and less. This means that you delegate things to other people.

The rich know that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. They know when to say no and how to say no.

Relationships are important on the plane of success. So, the rich do not destroy relationships by saying no. They know just how to say it that will not destroy the good relationships they have.

The less you do, the better you can do. That is what takes you to the next level.


5 things rich people do to stay ahead include:

Deeply studying what matters
Supporting other people
Moving fast
Taking nothing personal
Knowing how to say no

Contributed by David O.

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