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Confidence Bias — people like people with confidence. Even if people are spouting complete nonsense, say it confidently and people are more likely to believe it. It’s not fair. It’s just a thing.

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Endowment theory — Scientists took a mug and a pen to form the basis of an experiment (not all science is curing cancer). They randomly assigned students either a mug or a pen. Turns out when asked to trade, barely anyone did. That’s because people like the things they own.
Passion myth — for a long time I thought passion was found. In other words, you just need to find a thing you like and you’ll live happily ever after. The pursuit then is about finding something not cultivating something. The reality is, passion is not found, it’s built.
Pain is the process — Life tells us to avoid discomfort. To find safety. To operate within your confidence. My life has taught me the opposite. Anything worth doing will be painful. That’s not a bad thing, it’s a real thing.
Sustainable productivity — Productivity is thought of as a sprint, going as fast as you can for a short period of time. Now I see things differently. You see you can only work like that for a little while until you burn out. A marathon mindset works better. Put in the reps over a long period of time, each time trying to get slightly better.
Eating and mood — I don’t make any decisions when I’m hungry because I’m basically a different person.
Sleep — The same rule as above.
Bias for action — Most of the time you have no idea what will happen. Planning is procrastination. Take action, and see what happens.
Quantity beats quality until it doesn’t — At the start you need volume, that’s where the learning happens. Then you refine.
It’s not hard, it’s boring — Success comes from monotony. Showing up every day and repeating yesterday. It’s not hard, you are able to do the task, it’s just boring. That’s the price.
The hedonic treadmill — You pursue goals, reach them, feel amazing then find something else to pursue. It’s this constant. Always returning to normal. It challenges your expectations of success.
Be where your feet are — Joy is to be found right here right now. Me writing this, you reading this. Just be here.
Enough vs ambition — They are not conflicting ideas.
Social proof — People understand the world through the actions of other people. It’s why reviews are important, it’s why numbers matter.
Dosage matters — Anything is poison in the wrong quantity.
Parkinson’s Law — Work expands to the time allocated to it.
Motivation vs. action — Most people think you need the motivation to act. In fact, the opposite is true.
Build systems — A system is better than a fling. My writing system = write headlines and frameworks during the week, and write articles on a Saturday. Much better than randomly tapping away.
Complicated problems and simple answers — The biggest questions in life are hugely complicated but yet we seek simple answers. The truth is most of life can’t be solved in a Tweet. It takes time.
Nothing is original — Everything written today is an iteration of the past.
No one cares about you — You wouldn’t worry about how much people think about you when you realise they’re not. To prove it, ask yourself how often are you thinking of others.
Zero-sum game — I used to think life was a zero-sum game. In other words, if I lose then you win or if you win I lose. There is one prize and we’re both fighting for it. That’s not the case. We can both win.
Internal narrative — You tell yourself a story every day. You can change that story anytime you want.
Diminishing returns — There is a point where more isn’t yielding the same return. After a certain point, more money doesn’t equate to the same increment of happiness.
Consistency good vs. occasionally great — Nick Bare is a YouTuber, super-athlete and CEO. He’s the type of bloke that does 100-mile run. Anyway, he came out with a line I loved. Consistently good is way better than occasionally great.

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Think again — It’s okay to change your mind. Being humble enough to rethink, to change your mind to be open to new evidence, ideas and thoughts is a game changer. Being wrong isn’t a bad thing, on the contrary being able to shift your beliefs with new information is powerful.
Mastery is earned — You can’t buy it, it can’t be gifted, it can’t be hacked. If you want to master something, put the work in.

Contributed by Eve Arnold

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