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Rich people don’t have jobs. The job you see them doing is not how they make money. I will not get tired of saying this. If you want to be rich, you have to play the rich game.


Why am I talking about this for the umpteenth time? Well, I heard someone complain. Let me give you the full story.

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Where Are These People Making Money From?

I was at a friend’s house when someone came in. Apparently, I don’t know him but my friend does. He has to move from his house to another place.

He became shocked at how much it would take him to get a new place. With the current market, he would pay more to live in a less comfortable place. But the conversation gradually shifted.

He started talking about people he went to school with that are super rich. They drive exotic cars and have an insane wealthy lifestyle.

It got to a point and he said, “These are people I went to school with”. I could tell he was confused. And he is not poor.

He is a software developer. He makes a decent amount of money in salary. But considering how expensive things are, he was wondering how he could ever afford the lifestyle he really wants.

And he is not like some of us who want to go full luxury. He just wants a decent level of comfort. But that seems out of reach.

He was looking at the price of some good cars and wondering, “How will I ever get to the point of affording these with ease?” And we are talking S-Class Benz, not limited edition Ferrari.

Even though I was not really invited to the conversation, I had to chip in. You don’t get rich by working for money.

If you think salary (regardless of how much) will make you rich, you are deluded.

How People Get Rich

People get rich by owning assets. If you have assets, you can get money. If you get money, you can buy more assets. It’s not that difficult to figure out.

All you have to decide is the industry you want to play in and the assets you want to buy. That is all.

What if you don’t have money to buy assets? Then, create assets! Work to get assets. Don’t work to get money!

Why do you think I am going into music? What game do you think I am playing? It is the assets game. If your work is not getting you assets, you are screwing yourself indirectly.

Money is actually the worst way to get paid for something. Even if something is bringing you money, make it bring you something more than money.

Money can get devalued, but true assets don’t devalue easily. Know what you are doing.

Don’t Just Take the Cash

Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, said they paid about $35 to the designer (a student) who designed the Nike logo. But later gave her 500 shares in Nike.

What do you think means more to the designer? What made that designer rich? The $35 or the 500 shares?

Think about it. The designer was a student at that time. And this was many years ago. The $5 might have been a small fortune in her eyes. Remember, the $5 was worth something then and 500 shares were worth next to nothing then.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should go work for shares and not take cash. You should take both when you have an offer. Good deals come with both.

I have heard horror stories with the shares before too. A friend of mine was promoted and given shares in the company. The country was a kind of unruly country where people get away with all kinds of nasty behaviors. When he eventually left the company and attempted to cash in on his shares, there was nothing. It was a farce.

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This is why picking who you work with is super important.

Life of the Rich

The rich own assets. And then borrow against the assets to fund their lifestyle. They also keep increasing the number of assets they have. This is the game.

The idea of getting a job is completely in the opposite direction. Yes, you must be engaged in some productive work if you want to feel fulfilled and happy.

The key to making much money is getting the things that produce money. And what produces money? Assets!

An asset is anything that puts money in your pocket perpetually. Things you earn from without doing any extra work.

Work to be fulfilled. Own assets to make money. Not sure I can make it any simpler than that.

I rest my case

Contributed by David O.

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