🌻My 11 Favourite Unconventional Life Hacks


I don’t wake up at 5 am or soak in ice water.

I have a set of principles and practices that help me live a better life.

And no, I don’t wake up at 5 am, take a cold shower, or journal. But I’m doing okay because productivity and self-improvement aren’t one size for all. We’re all unique, which is why the same deed can serve us in different ways.


Here’s a set of eleven life hacks that help me live a better life.

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1/ Owning Your Happiness

It’s easy to depend on someone to make you feel good and blame them when you’re not okay. Not taking responsibility is always a comfortable route, isn’t it?

I’ve lately realised that if I own my happiness, I’ll be happy more often.

Why should somebody else take that responsibility? If I was solely responsible for somebody else’s happiness, I’ll feel so pressurised.

It’s unfair.

2/ Quality

I’ve stopped shopping for clothes on the streets. Luckily, I stopped shopping for footwear off the streets after an initial incident of a broken sandal when I’d barely worn it.

I have a lot of my mom’s hand-me-down clothes, all in top-notch quality. My dad still wears his decade-old Lacoste t-shirts.

These clothes are wearable because they’re of good quality.

I’m now willing to spend a bit more to buy things that stay, instead of throwing them away or worse, having a mishap.

3/ Splurge on What Matters

My grandmum hasn’t had an easy life. She lived in a village in a remote part of India until she married my grandad who was in the army, and that’s when things got better. Throughout, they’ve always lived a lifestyle dominated by saving every bit of their money to invest in their future.

It’s worked out beautifully.

But times have changed now, and there’s a lot more money coming in. She herself validated that what’s the point of crying and living a hard life when you have the resources that can make it a tad bit easier?

If you can’t afford it, that’s different. But if you can and you’re still making your life hard and taking more load that disrupts your focus and priorities, that’s an issue.

4/ Perspective

I’ve realised that I can feel good quicker if I change my perspective.

Today, my husband and mum-in-law were putting up photos on the wall. I think the set in our drawing room looks strange the way it’s arranged. But then it hit me — there’s space for a set of three square small photos which will look adorable.

I could keep feeling bad. I could overthink about how could I be so stupid to not get photos printed depending on the layout.

But shifting my perspective to seeing an opportunity made me feel better instantly.

5/ Affirmations

Make me feel secure and loved.

I recite them in the morning and it helps me feel more confident and loved (from myself).

6/ Moving

The post-workout feeling is a beautiful one.

Even when we travel, I prefer walking 40 minutes to a place instead of taking a cab and using public transport. Maybe it’s because where I live, it’s so difficult to go for a walk:

  • The weather is extreme
  • no infrastructure
  • there are stray dogs

Sadly, walking is a luxury activity for me.

So when I travel, I walk at every opportunity.

It’s also how I eat fries and the only time that I drink Coke too.

7/ Monitoring Self Talk

“The most important conversation is the one you have with yourself. You wake up with it. You walk around with it. And eventually, you act on it.” ~ __David Goggins

How hypocritical would it be for me to be nice to you and not to myself? To tell you to love your body and criticise mine every time I see myself naked?

I’m aware of how I speak to myself so I can catch thoughts when I’m not being nice enough and change them.

How you talk to yourself affects your thinking, perspective, behaviour, and actions.

So why would I want mine to be on the wrong path?

This is why I monitor my self-talk, so I keep myself aligned.

Meditation helps me be aware and catch it more often.

8/ Giving My Best To The Process

I try to give my everything to any work task that I do.

The success and growth that I have experienced over the past 3 years is because of

  • pure intention
  • being honest
  • love for the process
  • detachment from the results

I feel if I keep giving in my best and being joyful when I’m at it, the universe will do good to me. Also, if I do everything in my capacity and work hard, then even when things don’t go well, I’ll still be okay feeling that I did all that I could.

9/ Having a Vision

My life transformed when I developed a vision of the life I want to live and worked towards it.

Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe. — _David Goggins

So many people leave their fate to society and their organisations. They think they don’t have control over their future. Please let me differ because I think you have more control than you think you do.

You can change things.

You can completely transform your life.

It all starts with vision, and then action.

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10/ Empathy

Because I’ve been low on self-esteem for so long and have taken sh!t from others, I know what it feels like.

Now, I’m extremely conscious of my words.

My basic instinct is to think about how the other person would feel with my words or actions, or how I’d feel if somebody did this to me.

I don’t believe in expressing and later apologising because the damage is already done.

If we can take measures not to hurt others, why not?

11/ Impermanence

Man suffers because of his craving to possess and keep forever things which are essentially impermanent. — _David Goggins

You and I are impermanent on this blue ball, then how does anything else matter so much?

Knowing that everything is impermanent helps me

  • stay grounded
  • value those who matter
  • spend more time with loved ones
  • disengage when sad about my failures

I think the theory of impermanence is one of the best things to stay in the present and eliminate so much worry that we surround ourselves with.

Think about it.

I hope some of them ticked your mind and made you think.

The intention here is to help you live a healthier and happier life. If I could do that even by 0.1%, I’m closer to fulfilling my purpose.

All the best!

Contributed by Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

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