🌻If You Do This, You Can Literally Reach Any Goal You Have


I’m not exaggerating

If you want to achieve amazing outcomes, you have to do a crazy number of reps.

Most goals in life are a lot like getting stronger physically.


If you ate 3 to 4,000 calories per day, hit the gym hard 4 times a week, and added weight each time you trained a certain muscle, you’d get bigger. Even if you’re a naturally skinny type with a high metabolism.

I remember reading a piece of advice from a strength coach that told skinny guys to drink a gallon of whole milk a day. It sounds ludicrous because it is. It also works.

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A lot of you right now are like that skinny kid who gets the piece of advice to drink a gallon of whole milk a day.

What’s required of you is a lot more than you think it is and you haven’t done nearly enough work to get there. You think you can’t get what you want because the goal itself is out of reach. When, in reality, you can get what you want but you don’t deserve it yet because you literally haven’t done what it takes.

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Sales is another great example.

Say you wanted to get a business off the ground — a freelancing service.

You could have a business up in running in a month or two, but the catch is you have to send out 100 DMS to potential clients every single day. This is actually advice I heard from Alex Hormozi, who is my favorite business guru right now. He grew his company to hundreds of millions in revenue and he did it by doing the reps.

He hit the scene creating content and exploded because he has wisdom backed by a ton of experience.** He’s personally done more than 4,000 sales calls**. If you get on the phone with 4,000 people and try to sell them something, you will know how to sell. If you send 100 DMs per day, you will have a business.

Maybe only 10 out of those 100 will even reply to you. 3 out of those 10 will get on the phone with you. And one will buy. You’d have to take your needed income divided by the price of your services and you’d know exactly how many clients you need, exactly how much outreach you’d have to do to get those clients, and how long it would take based on the DMs you send per day.

It’s all there for the taking right in front of you, but not unless you do the reps.

Another insight I love from Hormozi is that the reason you don’t have what you want is simply that you’re not good enough yet. You’re not selling well because your product sucks and you don’t do enough outreach. You’re not in shape because you don’t eat well enough or work out enough. You’re not making the money you want because you don’t have skills that the marketplace values.

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It’s you.

You can get damn near anything you want as long as you’re willing to do the reps.

I’m reminded of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, actually. You should check it out.

Anyway, he stumbled onto somebody building magazines when he was a teenager and decided he wanted to become Mr.Olympia. He lifted weights 4 to 6 hours a day, every day until he eventually became champion.

He wanted to get rich, so he chose real estate. He’d study listings every day for hours and hours on end. He’d talk to any experienced investors he could get a hold of to pick their brains. Eventually, he built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

He wanted to become an actor, so he went to a bunch of acting classes. He struggled his way through menial gigs, doing his best and making connections. His roles got bigger. He set a goal to become the highest-paid actor in the world and he did it with the release of Terminator 2.

He figured everything else in life was like lifting weights. If you practice something enough times, you’re bound to get good at it.

One of my favorite quotes right now:

Do so much volume it would be unreasonable to suck — Alex Hormozi

That’s your problem…

You haven’t done enough reps for it to be unreasonable for you to suck. Well short of that.

I have new writers who reach out to me daily asking when they’re going to be successful. Most of them are only weeks or months into the game. I’ve been writing every single day for eight years without stopping, ever. _That’s _why I’m good at writing.

I’ve come to realize over the years, that there is no magic recipe to any of this. Either you’re going to do the work or you’re not. I don’t know what else to tell you because there’s not much else to say.

Every time I write something for you it’s just to remind you of what you already need to do.

You need to do the reps.

Before you blame the goal, look in the mirror.

10X or 100x the level of effort you put into your goal then you’ll know whether or not it’s meant to be.

Right now? You’re bullshitting yourself and you know it.

So, today’s your reminder to get to the reps right now. The rest is up to you.

Contributed by AYODEJI AWOSIKA

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