🌻Don’t Let Mediocre People Guilt You Out of Wanting These Five Things


Don’t feel shame for your desires

Full stop, these fake modest types who say things like “eat the rich” are absolute losers.

Don’t let people make you feel bad for living the type of life you want to live.


Trust me, if those loser types thought they could pull it off, they’d do it, but they can’t, so they just hate.

Be unapologetic in your chase of these pieces of the good life.

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Aiming high financially isn’t some pie-in-the-sky goal, it’s a serious and pragmatic endeavor to take deadly seriously.

“I just want to live a comfortable life.”

Most people don’t live comfortable lives:

I agree with the criticisms, I just come to different conclusions. While everyone else focuses on “eating the rich” focus on getting rich. You’re not going to defeat the oligarchy, but you can build a more than comfortable life for yourself.

An Ideal Partner

It’s okay to want a sexually attractive, smart, successful mate. Yes, looks matter. You should be selective when it comes to dating and marriage.

Most people settle for relationships based on proximity.

Either you hook up with a co-worker, find someone through mutual friends, or some other means of happening to come into contact with someone in your radius.

Rarely do people have high and uncompromising standards about who they want to date and consciously seek that type of person out. It’s seen as taboo to have standards about who you want to date.

It’s strange. We have a ton of education on the skills you need to find employment. We’re told to be discerning about things like careers, money, health, but there’s not the same level of emphasis on being prudent about one of the most important decisions in your life — who to be with.

What’s wrong with having your own unique set of standards for a partner? Nothing.

Having high standards for a partner also reveals another uncomfortable reality — you might have to be alone for a while to find that person. You might have to gasp learn how to be a whole person on your own without being in a co-dependent mess.

Next to what you do for a living, who you choose to be with has a major impact on your life. Choose wisely.

A Daring Adventure

You don’t need to spend your life crossing off your bucket list. There are simple pleasures to enjoy and many of the best moments in your life are those simple pleasures. But, again, if you’re being honest with yourself, there are some experiences you want to have but you’ve been putting off.

When I observe people, I see so much stifled and locked-up energy. People are so repressed. Have you ever been around a person who looks like they haven’t raised their voice in years? So odd to me. Gotta let that freak out sometime. Gotta do some crazy shit sometimes.

Again, not all the time. Riding the hedonic treadmill won’t work either.

This is about you going out into the world and making things happen…or…not. You don’t _have_to do anything. I’m simply sending out the bat signal for those who are receptive to seeing it.

Starting a Business

Everybody is an entrepreneur. Employees simply have one client — the company they work for. Most people have the skills required to start a modest business — six or seven figures. But, pulling the trigger on a business is hard.

Why? Because it’s psychologically painful — rejection, delayed gratification, the feeling of loneliness when you can no longer relate to as many people.

When I worked at a digital marketing company, I saw the contracts vs. what people got paid. I thought to myself, “I want all the shekels.” Why let a middleman take all your money? Why not just start your own thing?

“It’s risky.”_ Everything is risky._ As Jim Rohn said:‘The minute you were born, it got risky.”

Can you afford website hosting? Do you know how to use social media and email? Can you use free websites like YouTube to learn skills you can sell? Super low-risk. The internet is the great equalizer. Use it.

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All the Infinity Stones

I could be projecting my ambitions onto you. Up to you to decide. Remember, though, the people who tell you that “it’s not worth it” are projecting onto you as well. You have to filter out the BS both from me and the other side of the aisle to figure out what’s right for you. Here’s my take.

But I’m pretty sure you want the overarching goal that all the others fall under. You want to be a master of the universe. You want to be able to exert your own will over reality.

People display all of these outrage and envious tendencies because they can’t exert will over their realities. They lash out because they feel helpless. That’s it. Self-actualized people don’t become outraged mongers.

I get it.

The game is definitely rigged against you. But there are also cheat codes. Self-improvement is one of those cheat codes. So is online business. So is circumventing the system altogether and finding your way.

Yeah, pulling off this whole master of your universe thing will make you an exception to the rule. It is what it is. I didn’t create a society. Nor do I think I can massively change it.

I just do the most I can for myself while encouraging you to do the same. There’s so much noise in the world. Don’t let that noise keep you from doing your thing.

Contributed by AYODEJI AWOSIKA

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