🌻12 Habits of Successful Minimalists


How to live a happier life with fewer possessions

[The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John

1. Before you buy something, ask yourself, what is the true cost of this item?

Sometimes the costs of maintenance and storage can even be higher than the original price.

This is often the case for big purchases like a house, boat, or even a dog.


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2. Before you buy, ask yourself, by buying this, am I oppressing the poor or harming the earth?

We’re living in a time of over-consumption which is having a negative impact on the earth.

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We all want to leave the world a better place for our kids and grandkids.

3. Never impulse buy

Wait a day before making a purchase or a week for big purchases.

It’s crazy how much your NEED to buy something will vanish over night.

4. When you do buy, opt for fewer, better things

Rather than owning a ton of t-shirts or jeans, maybe just buy a couple high-quality ones that you can wear all the time.

This helps cut back on the waste we are creating.

5. When you can, share

Can you and your roommate share a car or bike?

You can either save half the money by splitting it with someone else or buy one twice as nice.

6. Get into the habit of giving things away

If you have more t-shirts than you can wear in a month, it would do you some good to give some away and clear them out.

7. Live by a budget

If you get to the end of a month and realize you didn’t save anything, maybe it’s time to make a budget.

Decide how much you want to save at the beginning, how much you want to spend on food, etc.

If it’s not in the budget, see if you can fit it in next month’s budget, or maybe you won’t even want it anymore (see rule #3).

8. Learn to enjoy things without owning them

Can you rent a paddle board for a day? Can you check out a book from the local library?

9. Cultivate a deep appreciation for creation

You value things so much more if you take the time to create them. This goes for dinners you cook yourself, art you make, and even making your own clothes.

10. Cultivate a deep appreciation for the simple pleasures

“The best things in life are free.”

Go for a walk, meditate, or do a simple bodyweight exercise.

You don’t need to go to expensive events or dinners to consider the day a “win.”

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11. Recognize advertising for what it is — propaganda. Call out the lie

Have you ever seen a Domions commercial and immediately want Dominos for dinner?

Advertising does a good job and creating a desire for something you don’t need.

Realize the power they have, call it out, and move on with your life.

12. Lead a cheerful, happy revolt against the spirit of materialism

You’ll feel much freer when you stop being a slave to your next purchase.

You don’t need any of that and the money in your pocket and awareness that you don’t need anything to make you happy is powerful.

Contributed by Parker Klein ✌️

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