🌻35 Little Ways to Live a Good Life


Embrace the shortness of life

A good life is designed on purpose — it’s something you create.

And it doesn’t have to be big or expensive.


It’s the small, everyday choices that add up to something big and meaningful. It’s often the little things that make all the difference.

Rose Kennedy was right when she said, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”

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From simple daily habits to small acts of kindness, there are many ways to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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By focusing on these small yet impactful gestures, we can experience greater joy, purpose, and satisfaction in our everyday lives.

Whether taking a few minutes to meditate each morning, expressing gratitude for the people and things we have, or even just walking in nature, these small actions can help us cultivate a sense of well-being and contentment that lasts.

So, if you want to live a good life, focus on the small things and watch as they add up to create a truly fulfilling and satisfying existence.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, little ways, habits, and principles can make a big difference in how we experience life.

Take responsibility for your happiness by focusing on the things that bring you joy and fulfilment and taking action to pursue them.

  1. Focus on experiences, not things. When we have experiences, we create memories we can cherish forever. These memories can be of the people we meet, the places we go, or the things we do. They can be happy, sad, funny, or even scary. But they are all part of our story.
  2. Keep asking yourself: is this necessary? “Most of what we say and do is not essential. If you can eliminate it, you’ll have more time, and more tranquility. Ask yourself at every moment, ‘Is this necessary?'” — Marcus Aurelius.
  3. Build and nurture strong relationships with family, friends, and your community. It can provide a sense of belonging, support, and purpose. “The good life is built with good relationships.” — Robert J. Waldinger.
  4. Explore what gives your life purpose and meaning. This can involve reflecting on your values, strengths, and passions and finding ways to incorporate them into your daily life.
  5. Embrace the shortness of life. “Don’t behave as if you are destined to live forever. What’s fated hangs over you. As long as you live and while you can, become good now.” — Marcus Aurelius.
  6. Take risks: Don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. Taking risks can help you grow and learn and give you a sense of purpose and excitement.
  7. Create something, no matter how small: Whether it’s a piece of art, a piece of writing, or a new recipe, creating something can provide existential fulfilment.
  8. Use your creativity to express yourself and connect with others, and find meaning in your existence by contributing something unique and valuable to the world.
  9. Seek out meaningful experiences: Instead of just going through the motions of daily life, actively seek out experiences that challenge and inspire you. Whether travelling to a new place, trying new cuisine, or attending a cultural event, seek out.
  10. Think of every 24 hours as a separate life. “Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.” — Seneca
  11. Be grateful for what you have and express appreciation for the people, experiences, and things in your life that increase happiness.
  12. Cultivate a sense of humour, and don’t take life too seriously. Laughter can be a powerful tool for reducing stress and promoting well-being.
  13. Live in alignment with your values: Identify your core values and live in alignment with them. This can help you feel more authentic and give you a sense of purpose and meaning in your existence.
  14. Stay curious and continue to learn about yourself and the world around you. Ask questions, explore new ideas, and seek out new experiences.
  15. Practice self-reflection. Pondering your thoughts, feelings, and actions can help you understand yourself better or do more of what makes you come alive.
  16. Choose meaningful experiences now. “Putting things off is the biggest waste of life: it snatches away each day as it comes, and denies us the present by promising the future. The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today.” — Seneca
  17. Make time for activities you enjoy. Pursuing hobbies and interests that you enjoy can provide a sense of pleasure and satisfaction outside of work or other obligations. It could be anything from reading, playing music, or spending time in nature.
  18. Make giving back a life philosophy. It can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment. t takes many forms: sharing your knowledge, helping strangers, and sharing something for free online. Managing your time and priorities can reduce stress and increase productivity, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter most.
  19. Seek out new experiences that challenge you and help you grow. It can involve trying new foods, exploring new places, or taking on new challenges in your personal or professional life.
  20. Live in alignment with your nature._ “A life that flows gently and easily.” — Epictetus_
  21. Embrace and adapt to change: Being open to change and embracing new experiences can help you grow and learn, leading to personal development and a more fulfilling life.
  22. Deliberately seek out learning opportunities. Exploring new interests can keep your mind engaged and help you grow.
  23. Connect with nature. Go for a short or long walk. Hike in the wilderness. Take a forest bath. Experiences in nature can help reduce stress, improve mood, and increase overall well-being.
  24. Letting go of grudges and practising forgiveness can help you move on from negative experiences and improve relationships with others.
  25. Build resilience: Learning to bounce back from challenges and setbacks can help you stay motivated and keep moving forward in the face of adversity.
  26. Choose contentment today, not tomorrow.“If you can be content right now, then you’ll always be content, because it’s always right now. — Willie Nelson
  27. Set very clear boundaries with others. Reduce stress and improve relationships by creating clear expectations and limits.
  28. Practice kindness and generosity: Small acts of kindness and generosity, like offering a kind word or helping someone in need can bring a sense of purpose and fulfilment to life.
  29. Examine your habits, routines and behaviours every month or quarter. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates
  30. Connect with your spirituality: Whether it’s through meditation, prayer, or other practices, connecting with your spirituality can bring a sense of meaning and purpose to life.
  31. Remember to enjoy the present moment and appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world around you. Life is short, and living in the present can help you make the most of every moment.

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  1. Practice active listening by listening to others with an open mind and truly hearing what they have to say. It will help you build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively.
  2. Keep learning by reading books, taking meaningful courses, or pursuing new hobbies. Lifelong learning can help you stay smart, engaged and curious about the world.
  3. Build a support network: Build a support network of friends, family, and other trusted individuals who can offer emotional support and encouragement when needed.
  4. Pursue the simple, and less is more life. Prune the non-essentials from your life. “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” — Socrates

Contributed by Thomas Oppong

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