🌻How to Finally Start Becoming the Best Version of You


The art of crafting the future you

It’s you vs. you.

At war with yourself.


I love that. I love the images it conjures up. I love the ethos. I love the mission of that statement. In a world where everybody is looking right and left at what everybody else is doing, looking inwards feels sensible.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been at war and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. Here’s how you can become the best version of yourself (without all the cringing).

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The philosophy

The best question to ask when starting out on this self-development journey is asking why not. I have a simple way of thinking about things, it’s this:

We’re here for a short time, it makes sense to live the best version of life.

It’s not about sitting in the mirror muttering words of positive affirmations, reordering mood boards or writing yourself a cheque for $1 million. It’s about the practicality and reality of becoming the best version of yourself.

Above all else, it just feels amazing.

The mission

When you ask yourself who you want to be, in a sense you are describing your mission. You might want to be healthier, happier or more financially set.

That becomes the foundation of your mission and being mission-driven is about taking actions to align with the person you want to be.

I’ll give you an example from my brand.

The mission: to create the best content in the world.

If that is the case, my steps are simple. I need to work out how I create the best content, period. That means pulling apart every detail and reverse-engineering my content.

  • Analysis headlines
  • Understanding platforms
  • Learning what works & what doesn’t

The mission for yourself could be the same. To create the best version of you. So you pull each element of you and ask ‘how can I make this better’.

That leads me to self-reflection.


Perhaps one of the most powerful tools in the human toolkit is the ability to look at yourself objectively and say ‘this is what I don’t like and this is what I do like’.

You’re objective is to do more of the stuff you like and less of the stuff you don’t. For me, there are several questions I’m asking myself every week to encourage deep self-reflection:

  • Where did I excel this week?
  • What things give me energy?
  • Where did I fall down this week?
  • What things take away my energy?
  • Did I do all the things I set out to do this week?
  • If not, what were the things that stopped me (can I eliminate them)?

Getting into the habit of asking questions of yourself and making yourself understand what lights you up allows you to optimise seamlessly.

Fear & confidence

Confidence is the one thing that stops most people.

They want to be the best version of themselves, they want to be great, to have an incredible body, great relationship and a thriving business but it’s the fear that holds them back. The thoughts are always the same:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t know how to do it
  • What if people laugh at me

Here’s the bad news: all of those things are true. Here’s the good news: none of those things will hurt you. It’s the pain of them that will make the win worth it.

The first step to being the best you are finding evidence.

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Find 1 piece of evidence

All you need to do is find one piece of evidence that you can be the best version of yourself. For this, you need to press rewind on your life and seek evidence:

  • When did you feel pride in something you did?
  • When did you push yourself & get there?
  • When did you surprise yourself?

For me, it was about rewinding and finding a time in my life when I did the things I said I would. I found myself at age 14.

I was playing football for Leicester City Women’s at the time. We’d gone on tour to Canada. I’d lost all passion for the game at that point and I knew the coach didn’t have much faith in me.

There was this match, I was centre mid and I was relentless. I don’t know what it was about that day but I was just hungry. I was throwing myself into everything.

I got woman of the match and the coach told me he was surprised, surprised that I’d managed to cope with the pressure. That was my evidence that if I wanted to, I could go further than I thought.

You find yourself by doing

We’re all scared.

Nobody knows what they’re doing. It’s all a game of ‘see what happens’. But if you want to be the best version of yourself (and you’ve got this far so I’m guessing you do) you can.

You can become whoever you want to be.

You just need to commit to the process and find evidence that you can. The rest is just time.

Contributed by Eve Arnold

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