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Have you ever wondered why the most powerful characters in movies often talk so little?


Vito Corleone in The Godfather. Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Frank Martin in The Transporter. They all keep their mouth shut more often than not. It’s because the key to being impressive isn’t pulling off a fancy show but achieving big results with the least amount of effort.

This works well because people often make quick judgments based on assumptions, a process called inference. If you send the right signals that make you stand out from the masses in a positive way, others will admire you for it.

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This Is Why Staying Calm Is So Powerful

There are many ways in which a date can go south.

You can accidentally open pandora’s box of religion and politics, let out a fart that was supposed to be silent, or lose your scooter key and get stuck on a remote beach at night.

After the latter happened, my date and I searched the sandy dunes with our phone lights. When we came back to the parking lot empty-handed, she asked, “How are you so calm?”

The truth was, I was annoyed, hungry, and worried. Being stuck in a remote place late at night isn’t fun, but freaking out wouldn’t have made it any better. It would only have signaled that I don’t trust myself to get out of this alive.

If you can stay calm, others will admire you for it — and it makes solving the issue much easier.

In our case, it turned out a well-meaning parking staff had taken the key from my scooter after I forgot it in the ignition.

Whatever happens, don’t panic. Breathe deeply and focus on the facts instead of all the frightening but unrealistic scenarios. It helps you make the best out of the situation.

Most people get derailed easily, so they admire someone who doesn’t.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Life’s Business Card

I’m straight, but if I was into men, I know who I’d get with.

One of my friends always looks like straight out of a model magazine — well-groomed and sharply dressed. Studies show this makes others perceive him as a good person, something called the halo effect. But this is much less about the appearance itself than what it signals to others.

Our brains equate good looks with success because it implies an abundance of resources. It’s why animals waste precious energy on growing impressive horns, sporting colorful feathers, and perfecting their mating dance. Evolutionary speaking, your looks and body language show how well your life is going and are the first thing people notice about you.

Life can get hectic, but if you manage to groom and carry yourself with dignity even on bad hair days, others will admire you for it.

Use This Behavior To Set Yourself Apart From Others

I thought working out at my local gym was hard. Then, I moved to Thailand — 35°C and 80% humidity.

It’s brutal. You leave sweat puddles the size of Lake Tahoe everywhere you go and many people skip their workouts because they can’t stand the heat. But not this guy.

Every time I was at the gym, he was there. Sometimes smiling, sometimes angry, sometimes sad. But he turned up no matter what and my brain stored his face in the “people I admire” drawer.

Lots of people take the easy route. They’re too tired, don’t have enough time, or are not feeling it. But if you can keep going when things get tough, you’ll be one of the impressive few.

You don’t have to set new records every day — all you need to do is show up. Do an hour of work, read a few pages, and get twenty minutes of exercise in. Bounce back from failures and try again.

Resilience is incredibly impressive because so few people have it.

How To Be Impressive Even When You Mess Up

If you want to be impressive, don’t yourself too seriously.

It kills the fun. It makes you beat yourself up about your failures. And it seems try-hard.

One of my friends always has something to laugh about — mostly himself. He’s so at ease with his weaknesses and mistakes he can joke about them no matter what. This signals extreme confidence.

Another one of my buddies bought a big van to travel through Europe with his girlfriend. On one of their first drives, he entered a narrow street and ripped off a ladder that was mounted to the outside. It’s one of his favorite stories to tell.

The ability to stay upbeat no matter what shows a high level of life mastery because you can keep a positive attitude even when shit hits the fan.

Most people can’t — which is why they find it so impressive.

Nothing Shows As Much Courage As This

I never thought I’d admire someone for talking shit about something I love.

For the third time, I’ve gone to a huge psytrance festival in Hungary. I love every little bit about the place — the stages, music, and people. This year, a bunch of friends came along for their first time.

Halfway through the festival, we all sat together with a beer and chatted away. I asked them about their experience so far — some loved it, others sugarcoated what they felt. Then, there was this one girl.

Unapologetically, she spilled her guts. She wasn’t impressed at all with the event and had expected something completely different. But she didn’t complain or try to put something down — she just spoke her mind.

Saying “left” when everyone else says “right” takes huge balls (or in her case, ovaries.)

You might get a huge backlash, but people will admire you for your authenticity and wish for the courage to do the same.

If You Can Do This, Others Will Forever Hold You In High Regard

The only thing worse than turning down a request is giving an empty promise.

When someone says they’ll call you back, help you move, or send you the report you’ve been waiting for, you get your hopes up.

If they don’t follow up, you fall much deeper than you would’ve if they said no right away.

When I asked one of my friends for help with a business issue and he told me he was busy but will answer later, I already wrote it off. I had heard that excuse one too many times. That’s why I was so surprised when I received a long, detailed message from him two weeks later.

In a world of last-minute cancellations and “whoops I forgot” messages, following through on your promises is something very few people do.

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It makes you stand out — and others will admire your integrity.

Summary To Make Others Admire You Deeply

It doesn’t take big cars and flashy watches to impress people — just a few subtle changes in your behavior.

Stay calm in stressful situations.
Groom yourself, wear attractive clothing, and show good body language.
Be determined and show up everyday even if it’s hard.
Be at ease with your mistakes and don’t take yourself too seriously.
Speak your mind even when others disagree.
Follow up on your promises and stand by your word.
Pity is free, admiration is earned.

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Contributed by Moreno Zugaro

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