🌻5 Steps to Be the Best at Everything


Everyone secretly wishes to excel at everything they do. But we often hesitate to accept it, worrying if we are dreaming too big! What if we fail to be even decent after declaring we will be the best at it? Imagine the mockery and ridicule.

Such overthinking and negative self-talk only hurts our self-esteem. You are preventing yourself from achieving your dream life. You only need perseverance. Choose to be the best at everything and act constantly. And here are 5 steps that will help you fulfill this goal.


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1. Go big

To be good at anything, we need to think big. If we decide running at a speed of 8kmph is good enough, we will not think of going beyond that. In order to rise above the average, we must design a difficult challenge for ourselves.

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This also means we need to take charge. Instead of waiting for things to happen, we need to initiate them. We are the leaders of your lives — once this belief sets in, there is no going back.

2. List your goals

Keeping a list of your goals can be an excellent way for self-improvement. And as shared in the previous point, do not forget to set goals that almost seem unattainable. Instead of trying to secure a spot in the top 10, think of going for the number one spot.

Break down your big goals into multiple small goals. Remember to celebrate the smaller achievements as they build the path that will help you accomplish the ultimate goal.

3. Just start

Once you have set your goals, attempt everything to accomplish those. Perfecting the strategy for days will not take you closer to the aim. Diving into action will.

If you want to finish a dozen books in a year, start reading.
If you want to paint a picture, start painting.
If you want to get healthy, start working out.

Waiting for that burst of motivation is just another form of procrastination. You do not have to reach the top on your first attempt. You just need to show up and keep showing up to get good at anything.

4. Seek help

Ask for help. The path to success can get much smoother if you understand it is okay to accept help from others. It does not undermine your achievements in any way.

Be it a friend, a colleague, a mentor, or an apprentice — recognize people’s achievements. Seek guidance whenever necessary and offer help when you can. When someone makes the perfect pancakes, it is wise to ask for the recipe if you want to try it yourself next time. The other option is to keep trying until you get all the ingredients right. And that’s not a very efficient method.

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5. Failure is not the end

Let go of your fear of failure if you want to succeed. Stop seeing failure as this dreadful monster that uproots all your achievements. It is merely a road that does not lead to your destination.

There are other roads. You just need to find them. Every time you step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goal, your comfort zone keeps increasing. And it prepares you to achieve even bigger dreams.

Being the best is not about perfection. It is about constant improvement. Keep working on your skills and yourself to ensure you achieve everything you dream of and more.

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Contributed by Raj Shamani

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