🌻16 Short Unwritten Rules Of Life


Let people know if you are late. It only takes you 15 seconds to write a message that can save them minutes of waiting. Do this as soon as you know.
Never hold back a Laugh. No matter how obnoxious or weird your laugh might be. The world needs more joy.

Don’t force your Beliefs on others. You may certainly talk about them and try your best to convince them of your beliefs. But if they say ‘No’ respect that.


You can disagree without fighting. The other person is not suddenly a villain for having a single belief that contradicts your own.

When a child shows you something you have to act amazed. Even if it is the most mundane thing in the world, you must show excitement.

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On that note: Tea Time is a requirement. I do not care how manly you are. You will sit down in a chair that’s WAY too small and will enjoy some fake tea.

Always ask before Petting a Dog. Some dogs are in training and should not be petted. It is not your animal or your responsibility. Be respectful.
Pick up after your pets. At least if it is somewhere where people walk.

When you see someone needing help, Help them. There is such a thing as the ‘Bystander Effect’ in which people will walk right by those in need. Be the one that takes responsibility. Everybody else may just ignore them.

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Hold the Door Open for Others. Especially those that are older or are carrying too much.

Don’t be mean to people for following their jobs. If people have a crappy job they are allowed to not be all smiles and joy. Everybody has bad days.

Everything is bad when uncontrolled. And vice versa everything can be good if done in a controlled manner.

Remember that you only see the Highlight-Reel of others. There’s an entire life they live that you do not know. Remember that everyone else also has 24 hours in the day.

Always try to be Nice. You never know what the other person may be going through. Be the bigger person.

No one is coming to do it for you — For some reason we all wait for that magic moment when everything falls into place. It will never happen that way. You have to do it yourself.

People are not Against you. They are just for themselves.

Contributed by Lukas Schwekendiek

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