🌻Women, HAVE Your Own Money(SEE WHY)


Don’t relinquish your financial independence for anyone

Someone recently told me they wish to be a housewife because they don’t want to work. They want someone else to provide for them ultimately.


We have this epidemic of people who don’t want to work, or do work that will allow them to passively bring in income so they don’t have to actively work.

If you’re a woman and don’t have any of your own money, I must tell you that this is a problem.

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Why is it a problem if I have a financially stable agreement?

Because you don’t know how long your partner, friend, or family member will continue providing for you.

I’ve seen even the best situations turn sour in a heartbeat, and I’m not being pessimistic.

When it comes to relationships of any form, you must approach them with only logic — not emotion.

Relinquishing your independence by not working completely puts your financial situation into someone else’s hands; this is a high-risk type-situation. Many women get lucky, and things end up permanently working out.

Others get unlucky and wish they had never given up that part-time gig, stopped saving, or become financially reliant on someone who recently walked away from their responsibilities.

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Let me tell you something:

It is no one’s responsibility to take care of you financially. It is YOUR responsibility as an adult to take care of YOURSELF.

Being financially responsible for your life is one of the most empowering feelings in the world as a woman — especially since we have not historically been able to provide for ourselves without others’ help financially.

Even if my partner earns the megabucks, I can’t imagine giving up my financial independence. I still want to always have money that I can 100% call my own and maintain 100% ownership, control, and power over.

I know too many women locked in unhealthy relationships because they depend financially on the other person. They can’t leave without losing income and becoming homeless.

Avoid putting yourself in this situation by maintaining your own income, living below your means, keeping part of your finances separate from your partners, educating yourself about money, and never allowing yourself to adapt too comfortably to another person’s income they’re providing you until….they decide not to, become deceased, or other complications incur.

It’s just good business.

Think of your financial situation as a business. Continuously diversify your income. Never rely on one source of income. Continue to invest in new opportunities. Ensure you stay informed of all financial decisions.

Some women have got locked out of accounts or had no clue what was happening with the money, etc.

Stay in the driver’s seat.

I don’t care if your partner says you can stay home and care for the kids or be a full-time housewife or relax all day and do nothing.

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Maintain your own sh*t at all costs.

Not only will it balance the power in a relationship, but it will also likely increase the health of your relationships with others since no one is overly reliant on the other financially, and you will become a more independent human being — leading to a plethora of benefits (i.e., confidence, freedom, options, etc.).

Many Women Want To Be Cared For Financially

But at what cost?


This article is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice. Not all information will be accurate. Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

Contributed by Destiny S. Harris

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