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Psst. Life isn’t fair.

That’s what makes it fun.


We can do all kinds of things to accelerate our mental performance so we spring above the lethargic masses.

Try these:

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1. Do more with less.

Much of the challenges I’ve had in life stem from spreading myself too thin across too many tasks, projects and dreams.

I inevitably become less effective at any one thing and I get overwhelmed.

The solution lies in focusing on fewer things. Become great at less by having the courage to divert more attention to less and finish what you start.

This is how you ensure success.

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2. Belly breathing for 2 minutes.

If I’m feeling stressed or lazy, belly breathing, where I inhale slowly into my diaphragm for two or more minutes through the mouth, has two significant effects.

Firstly, it stimulates the vagus nerve, activating the calming response of the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes me.

Secondly, it improves my mental clarity quickly, enabling me to bypass rumination and develop creative solutions.

3. Focus on solving other people’s problems.

Most of us are wrapped up in our own problems, insecurities, and doubts.

Then we wonder why we’re depressed half the time. Be unique and force through the noise of your self-critical thoughts.

Look outwards.

How can you help others?

Can you provide a business service to help with problems others are having?

Have a reason to ask questions.

Focus on others, and your insecurities will fade.

4. Become extraordinary.

Most of us are running around doing just enough, so we don’t stand out.

We feel a vague sense of achievement come end of day so we can plant our fat asses on the sofa for the next Netflix instalment.

The secret is to leapfrog over this hamster-wheel existence straight to the path of glory.

Aim for the extraordinary in all that you do.

Brush your teeth extraordinarily.

Put on your shoes in the morning like a King.

Infect everyone around you with your colour in your pursuit of greatness.

5. Get rid of unused items.

You heard what Marie Kondo said.

Delete everything in that dump you call a house that does not spark joy.

What haven’t you used in weeks that you know you won’t ever use?

Get rid of it.

A clutter-free living or work environment means improved mental performance.


Because you aren’t plagued by the low-lying anxiety that accompanies the accumulation of your ugly knick-knacks.

6. High-protein, low-carb foods.

A diet high in animal protein and fats, and low in carbs, has done the best for me in reducing brain fog and increasing my energy.

I have to say no to many of my favourite foods, but I believe this — as it was for our ancestors over millennia — is the way for optimal mental health.

7. Do something risky.

Don’t do something reckless without thought. Not what I’m saying.

I’m talking about incorporating calculated risks like trying something new or sharing something that took courage online — things that make you feel good and further your purpose.

This will enliven every fibre in your body and prompt your brain into a higher gear.

Taking regular risks strengthens your mind and will keep you buzzing.

8. Limit cheap dopamine.

Spiked dopamine stimulation from artificial sources like sugar, porn and video games leads to numbing your senses over time.

You give yourself a distinct mental advantage by cutting down on these things and deriving pleasure from natural stimulation like walks and making art.

9. Slow down physically.

Walking, moving and speaking more slowly is rarely a disadvantage unless you were moving like a turtle.

But most of us rush, trying to do thirteen things at once, and we’re stressed.

You create a massive advantage when you slow things down.

The mind will still, and life becomes more decipherable — easy even.

10. Start a challenge.

Stop making life more tedious than it needs to be by doing things as you feel you ‘should’ do them. Nothing can’t be made more enjoyable.

Creating regular challenges for yourself will level you up in all areas.

Set yourself a 30-day challenge to write 300 words, for example.

Now it’s a game — no longer a chore.

Prove something to yourself and us. Feeling activated yet?

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11. Become relentlessly creative.

Some things require many years of life experience to know they are facts.

I know for a fact that the more I create, the more creative I become.

It’s action — often in the blind — that comes first. Not your degree or how much planning you’ve put into your creative masterpiece.

Just decide, right now — sat there in your underpants — that you will be a relentless creator.

Now watch as your mind springs into action and the world gets out of your way.

Contributed by Alex Mathers

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