🌻10 Steps To Changing Any Habit(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


Make The Habit A Must —

If you do not have to change the habit you’ll find a way to weasel yourself out of the change. You must do it. No matter what.


Every Day Or Not At All —

If you cannot commit to it each and every day, then do not commit to it at all. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. No exceptions.

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Replace Bad Habits —

Do not just abandon a habit without a good replacement. There’s a reason you had it. You gained something from it that you now must come by in a different way.

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One Habit At A Time —

No more. I know you’re motivated but take it slow and steady. One habit. 90 days. Then the next one. Not any sooner. You have tried doing more at once and it always failed sooner or later.

Set A Fixed Time —

Setting a regular time for when to do the habit makes it much easier. You can also set it up around other, already established, habits if a fixed time does not work for you.

Track Your Wins —

Mark your progress somewhere so you can see yourself getting better. You will not be perfect, but if you track your wins you will quickly notice that you are improving far more than you think.

Sleep < Habit —

If you value your sleep over the habit then you are not serious enough about it. You will forget the habit, but unless you already slept you still have time. Even if that means working out at 2 a.m. Value finishing the habit over your sleep, at least to start.

Do Not Talk About It —

Talking about the habit is just for attention. If you do not talk about it is for you. This way it will not disappear when the attention does.

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The Bigger Picture —

Why do you want to change this habit? What is it really for? Know the end and you will be inspired by the end. If you don’t you will rely on the next step to inspire the whole journey, which usually does not work.

Just Do It —

Think as little as you can about the habit. You don’t think about brushing your teeth, you just do it. The same goes for this. Once you set the habit move on to bigger things.

Contributed by Lukas Schwekendiek

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