🌻3 Simple Practices That Will Help You Solve 95% Of Your Problems


3: Do nothing.

Problems belong to life like a guitar solo to a 70s vintage porn.

But while they seem complex on the surface, most have simple solutions underneath.


“The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.”

— Julian Casablancas

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As a chronic overthinker, I use three techniques to solve 95% of the challenges I deal with. Instead of getting stuck in thought spirals like a pig in the mud, I can find ways out and grow through the process.

Try them and you’ll solve most of your problems, as well.

Use This Stoic Secret

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You wouldn’t try to change the weather, would you?

It’s pointless. No matter how much you curse the clouds, wish for the sun, or swing your naked private parts around in an ancient rain dance — the sky doesn’t give a fuck. So you accept the storms, pack an umbrella, and move on.

Bringing this attitude to life saves you from a bunch of trouble and stress — that’s why ancient Stoics preached it all the time.

“The chief task in life is simply this: to identify and separate matters so that I can say clearly to myself which are externals not under my control, and which have to do with the choices I actually control.”

— Epictetus

I’m in Bali right now and going through a huge back-and-forth with a visa extension. Calls, messages, fingerprints. I don’t know if everything will work out in time to get my visa for Thailand. But I can only accept the chaos and roll with it.

Most of your worries are unnecessary — they only exist because you try to change what you can’t. Your boss’s mood, your date’s perception of you, and what some fuckwit politicians will decide tomorrow. Instead, change what you can control — your effort at work, your looks and character, and who you vote for. Then, accept what happens.

Your life will get much easier.

Realize That You Already Know The Solution

Most of life isn’t rocket science.

Losing weight, stacking cash, and dropping bad habits aren’t complicated — everything you need to know is on YouTube. So why do people still struggle with it?

Because the hard part isn’t knowledge, but execution.

When you face an overwhelming mountain of work, your mind shuts down.

Changing your eating habits, hitting the gym three times a week, and ditching alcohol at the same time is just too much. So instead, do what I do.

Outline what would have to happen for your problem to disappear. Divide the path into small steps. Make it fun to walk them.

After I stopped 1:1 coaching and took a break from Medium, I had to start from scratch again. My income was at an all-time low, my mental health was as stable as Francium 221, and I moved back in with my parents. Yet, the solution to all my struggles was clear as day.

I turned on the beats and started researching one article, then just kept going.

Whatever the size of your problem, all you have to do is take the next small step.

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Do Nothing (At Least For An Hour)

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is nothing.

Why? Because your subconscious often has the solutions. You just need to listen.

When we get stuck on a big problem, we can’t see the forest for the trees. Our thoughts circle it, day after day. Instead of taking a different perspective, we carve the same neural pathways deeper and deeper into our brains.

That’s why every Sunday, I take an hour to do nothing. I sit with my journal, listen to repetitive beats without distracting vocals, and stare into the clouds. It’s my most productive time of the week because my subconscious brings up solutions and out-of-the-box ideas.

If you’re too stuck on a problem to find a solution, take your mind off and your ego out of it for a few days. Then sit down and do nothing for a while on the weekend.

You’ll be surprised what you find in the depths once your muddy soup of thoughts gets clear.

Summary To Help You Solve Most of Your Problems

Most problems have simple solutions — use any of these three techniques to find them.

Focus on what you can control and let go of the rest.
Take one step after another instead of overwhelming yourself.
Do nothing for a while and let your subconscious do the work.
You’ll never run out of problems — but if you solve them, you’ll get better ones over time.

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