🌻Change These 5 Things to Change Your Life(MUST READ)


How you view life, is how you live it.

Today, society glamorizes big wins and monumental changes.


I believe in micro changes that begin in your psyche. You can incorporate them into your daily routine and soar through life.

Here are some mental habits that change your mindset and your trajectory.

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Celebrate things you cannot control.

You think you have to control people, events, and circumstances.

Your ego feels threatened when you don’t respond to somebody’s criticism or opposing views.

Yet, we make ourselves suffer by trying to manipulate the outside world.

We want things to go our way and fail to spot any positivity when something unexpected happens.

How about programming your mind to see good things in the unexpected, people that bother you?

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Learn to see positivity in every situation.

That co-worker who annoys you? Laugh at them. Give thanks for them and the lessons they bring — perhaps, they can teach you patience.

Things are not black or white. They appear as you see them. Everything that happens in our lives is the projection of our minds.

If we choose to see the world as the enemy, it is exactly what we will encounter.

But if we dare to look at “the ugly” as being here for a reason, the world appears in new colours — rife with possibilities, not limitations.

Everything that happens in our lives is the projection of our minds.

As long as you focus on negative aspects, of course, they will drive you insane. But what good does it bring to walk around fuming with rage?

Shifting your focus from the ugly to the beauty makes the world respond accordingly to your new vibrations.

You waste your potential when you focus on things out of your control.

Your positive and resilient attitude is your currency. It is a magnet for good in your life.

Pour your heart into whatever you are doing.

Our obsession with quantity over quality leaves us feeling overwhelmed, over-exhausted, and overstretched.

Don’t half-ass your way through life. Invest your heart in things that matter.

When you shop In Japan, you cannot miss the extra care people put into packaging. They fold it with grace like they would cuddle the treasure you have just bought. As a buyer, how does it make you feel?

Adopt the new mindset of giving your very best at mundane tasks. Whatever you do, give your 100%.

When you value quality instead of quantity, it leaks into other areas of your life.

Pouring your heart and soul into every action of your day shows up the world you care. The Universe pick up on those frequencies and reward you with more good in your life.

And do you know the magical thing? When you follow the passion in your life, you no longer vibrate in need or lack. When you elevate your frequency, only beautiful things that match that frequency come to you.

When you wake up, decide to show up as the best version of yourself.

Live by the rule: quality over quantity.

Instead of trying to finish something faster and make more of it, invest your time and energy in crafting the masterpiece that comes from your heart.

Romanticize every little detail.

Turn mundane things into extraordinary.

Make a ritual out of your morning coffee. Don’t chug it down thinking about what is next on your to-do list.

Enjoy. Take your time. Light a candle. Meditate while sipping your beloved beverage. Put on special music.

When you write your next article, don’t start with the idea of finishing it as soon as possible. Clean up your working space. Immerse in the present moment. Feel your fingertips hitting the keyboard. Cherish the process.

When you tweak your life in small ways, it will change your inner state. Your new energy will change how you approach the world.

Small changes lead to big results. When you change how you do one thing, it will leak into other areas of your life, like relationships or physical health.

As you invite passion into your daily tasks, your new attitude brings monumental results. Soon, people start noticing the change within you. They respond to you differently, because you respond to the world in a new way.

If you adopt little tweaks every day, imagine how different your life will look like one year from now.

Changing your mindset changes your trajectory.

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Quit overthinking.

You won’t find a good solution when overanalyzing and worrying about a problem.

To find a solution to any issue, tune into the frequency of having an answer.

And how do you feel when you have already solved a problem?

Content. At peace. Joyful. Relieved. You are definitely not racking your brains anymore.

Meditation is the best tool for me. Five minutes of self-awareness will change your life.

The practice offers quiet and peace that allow answers to come.

Worrying is extremely unproductive. It gives you nothing except for anxiety and health issues.

When we work hard, trying to solve a problem, our minds are too busy to recognize even the simplest solution.

Overthinking sucks the life energy out of you. Just like too many apps are open on your phone, it drains its energy.

Calmness is a state of receptivity and trust.

Being calm about everything allows your mind to find solutions. It is not busy with overthinking and overanalyzing.

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Change your self-talk.

How you view yourself determines how you behave.

A self-image is a powerful tool for creating your dream life.

You can become whoever you want, and your self-talk either helps you achieve it or gets in the way.

To influence your self-image, alter your inner dialogue. Make a conscious effort to change how you view yourself, talk to yourself and talk about yourself to others.

When you change how you think and feel about yourself, you will change your personality and behaviour.

When you stop saying to yourself, “I am bad at business” and start chanting, “I am smart with money”, how you view and operate money will change.

Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right.

Your self-image sets limits for your accomplishments. When you expand your self-image, you expand your possibilities.

You can become whoever you want, and your self-talk either helps you achieve it or gets in the way.

If you change your beliefs, you’ll become a different person, because how you view yourself determines how you act.

Your life improves when you surround yourself with positive, affirming, and non-judgmental thoughts.

CONTRIBUTED BY Katarzyna Portka

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