🌻35 Things That Can Change Your Life Tremendously(HILARIOUS)


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Believing in Yourself.
Going the Extra Mile.
Doing something Unexpected.
Giving with holding nothing back.
Allowing yourself to Cry your Heart Out.
Travelling the World.
Spending 2 Weeks in a Remote Location.
Reaching High.
Being Brave.
Loving Deeply.
Working Boldly.
Asking for Help.
Spending an Entire Week being Charitable.
Staying up all night working.
Going on a Sugar-Free Diet.

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Approaching a new person every day.
Allowing the negatives in life to fully hit you to overcome them.
Getting help from a professional.
Investing money in yourself.
Investing money in income-generating assets.
Buying an exuberant gift for someone close to you.
Learning to Love Who You Have Become.
Learning to Smile without a Reason.
Giving More Than You Have to People that have Nothing.
Confessing your Feelings.
Being Honest with Yourself.
Investing in a Comfortable Mattress.
Spending 2 Hours in Meditation.
Going into a Sensory-Deprivation Chamber.
Learning about Other People’s Stories.
Going out of your Way for Someone, expecting nothing in return.


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Playing as if you were a Kid again.
Traveling to an Unknown Location.
Going to a Beautiful Place in Nature and just Watching.
Pushing yourself more than you think you can.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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