🌻How to Transform Your Life in 6 Months (A Master Plan for 2023)


2023 is around the corner.

Do you have a plan?


Or will you waste another year?

We’re approaching another year in our lives.

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And it’s time for you to be harsh with yourself.

Ask yourself:

How has your life improved since the start of the year?

What about the year before that?

If you’ve answered ‘it hasn’t’ — you’re not the only one.

The sad truth is.

Most people aren’t satisfied with their lives.

They’re either lacking:

Or all of the above.

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But, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Because another truth (which will be the relief of many)

You have the potential to change your life in 6 months.

Why 6 months?

Because it’s the perfect amount of time to see positive changes and to set yourself on an upwards trajectory.

Even if you’ve wasted the last 10 years of your life.

All it takes is a plan, some discipline and consistency to make the next 10 years amazing.

Will it be easy?


But if you go through with this plan — I guarantee you become happier, stronger, wealthier, smarter and rejuvenated.

Now, let’s move on to that plan, shall we?

Start Training (For Your Body)

Lift weights to be specific.

Confidence starts with your physicality.

And physicality strengthens mentality.

It’s a feedback loop of success.

That’s why you start here.

When you join the gym and lift weights, you will see your body transform in front of your eyes.

This is a metaphor for your life transforming.

Not only will you look better but you will feel better and have more energy.

And trust me, you need the energy to complete the rest of the plan.

I’ve seen it countless times.

When people have been stuck in a rut, trying to claw themselves out of the ditch.

The common fix to their lives has been taking responsibility to fix their health.

Not only are you gaining confidence within yourself.

Others will provide positive feedback on your physical and mental growth.

And this will excite you.

But let’s forget about what others think for a second and let’s talk about the most important skill you will gain.


You will face pain.

There will be days when your mind telling you not to go.

Telling you that you deserve to have a rest and sit on the couch today.

Shut that off.

Go to the gym anyway.

You must build your mind the same way you build your muscles.

Through repetitions of hard work and when you stay consistent with this — you become familiar with the concept of ‘progress overload’.

The act of becoming 1% better each day.

You will ask yourself:

“If I can improve here, what else can I do?”

And this.

This thought right here.

Is what leads to success in everything else.

So your first step in this master plan if you haven’t done so already, join a gym.

P.S. If you’re looking to take your discipline to the next level — join a Martial Arts gym

Change Your Diet (For Your Health)

This links with the first point.

You can spend 1 hour in the gym in a gruelling workout, sweating and gasping for air.

It means nothing.

If you go home and eat the same useless mind-numbing food everyone else does, you’re wasting your time.

39% of all adults are obese.

This is because of how easy it is to eat processed foods.


Photo by Robin Stickel on Unsplash
Whatever junk food you can think of.

It’s destroying your body.

The feeling tastes good for 2 seconds but causes terrifying damage for 20+ years.

You don’t realize it now, but you will later on in life.

Remember this rule:

‘Your inputs lead to your outputs’

If you fill your body with natural foods, meats, water, fruit and others.

You’re going to be more energized, happier, alert and responsive.

Good foods are natural drugs.

If you do the opposite and fill it with excessive calories, junk, sugar and poor nutrients.

You will feel sad, depressed and lazy.

And you don’t want that for yourself.

Combine the act of lifting weights with consuming good, nutritious foods and tell me you don’t feel like a superhero.

Next step.

Write Online (For Your Creativity)

Writing is a lost art.

We all write in our daily lives.

Whether it be:

Work emails
Text messages
And for existing writers on the Internet:

Writing is needed for humans to communicate.

But how many of us can write well?

More importantly, how many of us write well for ourselves?

The better you are at communicating with others, written or verbal, the more successful you will be.

So it’s an intelligent decision for us to learn how to write.

I’m not talking about the way they teach you in school.

That’s boring, uninspiring and restrictive.

If you want to know the in-depth benefits of writing and how it can change your life — you can read my article here.

But if you don’t have the time.

I’m going to give you a crash course on it right now.

Writing makes you:

Think critically
Become smarter
Earn $1000s
More valuable/skilled as a person
When you choose to write, your thoughts publish into the physical world.

From mind to pen to paper.

From mind to keyboard to online.

You reading this right now is an example of my thoughts published into reality (and I thank you for reading)

This act of writing not only benefits me in honing my skills, but it also benefits you by consuming the information.

We have to understand the reality.

Social media has zapped our creative muscles from us.

All we do in the modern day is consume, consume, consume.

Few people take on the responsibility of creating for others.

This is where you come in and start writing online.

Because creators/writers get rewarded through money, feedback and an improved skillset.

Remove Useless Activities (For Your Future)

Useless activities will annihilate your life.

Useless activities done with your friends are even harder to get rid of.

I know you’ve grown up with childhood friends who you’ve built relationships with over many years.

You’ve known them for decades in fact.

But if you’re participating in negative activities with them, it will destroy your chances of succeeding.

You need to stop, no matter how hard it is.

This doesn’t mean you ignore your friends and remove them from your life completely.

You get rid of the activities associated with your friendship.

Drinking, smoking, partying.

None of these will benefit your life when you become addicted to them.

And if you’re only friends with each other for the purpose of engaging in these activities?

You were never friends anyway.

Even those smaller activities which seem harmless such as gossiping are damaging.

If all you talk about is Netflix, Politics & celebrity news — where’s the growth?

How does this benefit either of you in any way?

You need to replace these topics of discussion with:

Self improvement
Future plans
This goes both ways.

If it’s your friends who are successful and you find yourself wasting time.

You need to give yourself a reality check and get on their level.

The only reason I say this is because it used to be me.

I would waste hours playing Playstation, watching Netflix and keeping up to date with the latest sports on TV.

Instead of learning, writing and playing the actual sport.

Why spend all that time focusing on the achievements of someone else, when you could be succeeding yourself?

Become Addicted to Learning & Applying (For Your Mind)

If you’re someone with an addictive personality.

Someone who puts their 100% into any task.

You’re in a unique position.

You can use this willpower to become addicted to learning and benefit yourself forever.

Knowledge is good.

Knowledge combined with the application of knowledge is true power.

And luckily for you — the cost of gaining life-changing knowledge is free.

We live in the information age and the laziness age at the same time.

There’s so much out there to gain, but no motivation and discipline to obtain it.

Our ancestors would be jealous of the opportunities we have at our fingertips.

The resources are there for you whether it’s books, podcasts, articles, or blogs.

It’s up to you to make the choice of taking advantage.

There are 100s of subjects which will improve your life such as human psychology, finance, marketing, and business.

The list goes on.

Your task is to learn something new today.

You’ve already started by reading and completing this article.

Stay on this path tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.

Soon enough, your mind will become a personal library of information.

Measure Your Progress (For Yourself)

Now that you’ve read up until this point — I hope I’ve inspired you to make a change.

And if you’ve already begun, I hope you keep going.

To make sure that happens, you need to track your progress throughout your journey.

In the gym
In your health
In your writing ability
In your education
In your finances (next section)
Making improvements in all areas of life is a beautiful thing.

But you won’t know how much you’ve developed if you don’t track/measure anything.

There isn’t an endpoint where you think:

“Yeah that’s it, I’m done”

The second you do is the second you’ve lost.

It’s not enough to only start, you must maintain and improve over many years.


Let’s say you choose to start today and by the end of the week:

You’ve joined the gym (signed up to a membership)
You’ve changed your diet (replaced the sugary foods with fruits)
You’ve started a book (and read a few pages)
You’ve begun writing online (maybe a journal of your thoughts)

1 month from now.

Have you progressed in any way?

Are you stronger in the gym?

Are you consistent in your diet?

Have you read any more pages or did you put that book down straight away?

Have you started to write on social media?


Why not?

What went wrong?

What about 2023?


You need to measure your progress to make comparisons between the new you and the old you.

And when you stay consistent for weeks, months, or years.

You will look back at your journey with a huge smile on your face knowing you’re getting better.

Trust me, start measuring your progress and you will achieve success.

Use Your 9–5 (For Your Career)

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash
Most of you reading this will currently be in a 9–5.

You might like your job, but statistics show most people don’t.

What you do know is that you need a job/to earn money so you can provide for your family.

The reason for unhappiness in the workplace is that there’s no purpose associated with it.

Most people go to work, come back, watch tv, sleep, and repeat.

The next thing you know you’re 60.

And you’ve wasted all that time and energy with nothing to show for it.

This is a huge regret which you don’t want.

So my advice to you is to take advantage of your job.

Whatever your job is, there’s a skill to be gained from it.

A skill which you can exploit to benefit you, not your employer.

Common occupations that can be leveraged are those such as accountants, lawyers and other service-based jobs.

You use the knowledge you’ve gained and build your own website, sell your own service, and get your own clients.

These are some examples, I’m sure you can apply the above to your situation.

I know it’s not that easy, otherwise, everyone would do it.

But if you’re someone who despises their job and can’t wait to leave.

You need to decide what’s best for yourself and learn a skill on the side so you can improve your situation.

Or use your current job to your advantage.

Or apply elsewhere.

Either somewhere which provides more money, fewer hours or better job satisfaction.

Again, I’m going to mention the Internet.

Because the Internet opens up doors for learning and employment opportunities.

It’s entirely possible to learn a skill online for free or pay a fee to enrol on a course which gives you the ability to start earning money within a few months (if you apply yourself that is).

Most people aren’t willing to invest in themselves so they won’t bother.

I hope you do.

Fix Your Finances (For Your Family)

Your money.

You need it to live and so, you must get good at earning more money and handling the money you already have.

The starting point for you is to read my other articles which cover finances as a whole.

This will make you 10x better and more informed within 2 days.

But again, if you don’t have the time, I’m going to give you the breakdown right now.

Here’s a basic overview of what you need to know:

How to make money
How to make a budget
How to invest money
How to protect money
You can’t be good at one but awful at the others.

You must get good at them all.

The Money Questions

How much do you make?
How much do you spend?
How much gets wasted?
How much gets saved?
How much gets invested?
Answer these questions first and work from there.

If you find out you’re spending more than you earn and living off credit card debt.

You need to change that immediately.

If you earn more than you spend and you have excess money sitting in a bank doing nothing.

You need to change that immediately.

The subject of money is so huge that I can speak to you for months and still have content to talk about.

But for now, I advise you to answer the questions above and read the end of this article for a gift.

Have Pride in Yourself (For Your Present)

We’re reaching the end of this article and I want to tell you something which you will be glad to hear.

If you commit to this plan.

You’re ahead of the other 99% of people who will go about their lives as normal.

They will continue complaining even though they can change their situation.

Wasting their potential and their precious time on this planet.

Don’t be like them.

We’re fast approaching 2023.

It seems like each year passes quicker than the previous one and it’s a race against time to reach success.

This makes it even more important for you to stick to the plan.

Those who talk about their ‘New Year’s Resolution’ but go back to their bad habits by the 2nd week of January?


Don’t follow the crowd because even they don’t know where they’re going.

And one final thing to mention.

You are not going to start in 2023.

You are starting this plan today.

If you need some arbitrary date to change your life, you don’t want to change in the first place.

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The plan is there for you to:

Make your first $ online
Get into fantastic shape
Gain confidence and discipline
Have a positive outlook on the future of your life
The ball is in your hands.

Make the shot.

For those of you reading this who have already made a similar plan and stuck to it.

I salute you.

Keep winning.


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