🌻What To Do When You Feel You Have Wasted Your Life(VERY DEEP)


Dealing with regret of wasting time

Feeling you have wasted your life
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There come moments in your life when reality hits you in the face, and you realize you’ve wasted most of your life. All you did was run on the hamster wheel, get into meaningless comparisons, and worry endlessly about what people think of you.


The feeling of regret is deep, the sense of frustration intense, and you find yourself caught in the negativity, getting into a downward spiral and not knowing what to do.

To begin with, hit the pause button, stop dwelling on negative thoughts and let go of the regret that “you’ve wasted time.”

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Time and life are never wasted.

Even though you may feel you’ve not done anything ‘worthwhile,’ you would have gathered a lot subconsciously, learned things passively, gotten inspired seeing other people work, and picked up lessons from others’ mistakes.

Now’s the time to use all of that to build a great future and design your best life.

Erase the slate clean, forgive yourself, and allow yourself a chance to start again — this time, with a clearer mind and a sense of purpose.

Give yourself a few worthwhile goals that you think resonate with you, and mean the world to you. It’s easier to commit and stick to the goals that add value to your life and give you a sense that you have made something of your life.

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Make an action plan to achieve your goals and keep it in the front and center so that you don’t lose vision of your goals and get off-track.

Break your goals into tiny manageable bits. This simple process of chunking down will prevent you from getting overwhelmed, make your goals seem achievable, and keep you motivated throughout.

Define milestones along the way to your goals. They will help you monitor your progress and give reasons to celebrate, thus boosting your confidence each time you reach them.

Shifting your mindset from a mediocre to an achiever is a tall order indeed, especially when you have been there for long, but it’s not impossible.

Like they say, the most challenging part of any journey is the beginning. Once you have succeeded in breaking the inertia and pulling yourself out of the status quo, you’ve set the ball rolling. Nothing can now prevent you from gaining momentum and making progress towards your goals.

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Key message: There’s no place for regrets in life since it’s never too late to take a U-turn, course correct, and make your life meaningful.

Anything you want is within your reach. You just need to believe in yourself, take the plunge and walk one small step after the other. It’s only a matter of time before you begin to notice positive changes in your life and see yourself making quick strides towards a purposeful and fulfilling life.


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