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An individual grain of sand has minimal purpose. But trillions of grains of sand make a beach. Daily habits are no different and can have significant implications on your long-term financial freedom. Photo courtesy of Michael Olsen.
Reaching financial independence is more than just about making money. Focusing simply on maximizing how much money you make will actually limit your long-term prospects of attaining financial freedom.

Making money is beyond just chasing dollars.


Long-term financial success can be built through mastery of success building habits.

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Build a Routine

Routines help you champion life. By organizing your life and following a routine, being productive will feel like second nature.

A routine helps you prioritize and rank what’s important in your life. It will help partition your responsibilities, which will ultimately free up more of your time.

Start small. Get in the habit of organizing your day.

View Time as Your Scarcest Resource

Money is not your most important resource. And it’s not even close. Time is the most unique and limited resource we all have available.

Every person on this planet has 24 hours every single day. How you spend those 24 hours will determine your long-term financial prospects.

Time can make you a lot more money than money can buy you time. Find ways to be as productive as possible with your time. And this doesn’t mean to sacrifice time for the things you love doing or people you spend it with. It means maximize your productivity and efficiency when working.

Sleep Like a Champ

We all need sleep. Don’t be fooled by online influencers claiming that sleep is overrated. It’s not. Ask any medical professional on the health benefits of sleep.

It differs person to person, but get whatever time you need (at a minimum) to be productive the next day. Being productive and pursuing habits to build a better long-term financial future takes lots of energy.

To be energized, you need sleep. Lots of it. Don’t underestimate the power sleep can have on your productivity.

Take Breaks and Schedule Distractions

Humans aren’t robots. As much as we’d like to think of ourselves as robots, we simply aren’t. We have flaws in productivity and we get distracted. A lot.

Throughout your day, find ways to take breaks from your work or whatever productive task you are doing. You will likely find yourself more productive throughout a day if you give your brain and body time to relax and focus on things that are completed unrelated.

Instead of checking your phone as you work, schedule times to check your phone. Successful people delineate work time from personal time. We all like distractions, so instead of giving in, just get them in.

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Prioritize Your Mental Health

Most people think that in order to become successful you need to do “whatever it takes”. And to a certain extent, that’s true. Long-term success, both financial and personal, requires an immense amount of energy and sacrifice.

But mental health should never be a part of those sacrifices. In a day and age where mental health is becoming increasingly recognized in medicine, it’s important to keep tabs on your personal wellbeing.

Being productive doesn’t mean struggling through your mental health. If you aren’t happy and focused, how can you ever expect yourself to be focused and efficient? Attending to your mental health should always be a priority.

Stop Demanding Immediate Gratification

It’s part of human nature to expect things quickly. Particularly in today’s society of modern technology and social media.

But success in the real world doesn’t work like this. It isn’t an overnight process. Long-term financial success comes to those who are opportunistic, but those who are patient.

Immediate gratification is seldom a good thing. No matter what you do in life, don’t demand success right away. Don’t pivot or give up on something when you don’t see results initially.

Be prudent yet patient. Success is a long-run game.

Health is Wealth

Part of building generational wealth is prioritizing your personal health. Like focusing on your mental health, your physical health should also always take precedence.

Eat right and exercise. Your mind and body need the proper fuel to have the energy and determination to be consistently productive.

You will improve the quality of your output if you pay more attention to your inputs.

Never Stop Learning

As mentioned above, time is your most valuable resource. Learning new skills or bolstering existing skills is one of the best possible uses of your time.

Making money isn’t a skill. Learn the appropriate skills to make money. Read a book, enroll in an online course, find ways to bolster your knowledge and expand opportunity.

It’s fine to not know exactly what you want to do in life or how you want to do it. Even if you know, long-term, you want to achieve financial independence. Learning new skills will accelerate that process.

Say Yes More Often

No one likes excuses, but we all give into them. It’s part of human nature to be cautious, speculative, and doubtful on first instinct. If I were to have you answer a question before knowing what the question was, your default and likely answer would be no.

Start saying yes more often. Opportunity doesn’t come to those who wait. Successful individuals who experience long-term financial success are strategic “yes people”.

This doesn’t mean say yes to everything. It means to take more calculated risks and stop worrying about adverse outcomes. Again, opportunity doesn’t reward those who expect it to come their way. It rewards those who seek it out.

Tighten Your Circle

Social media has muddied our judgement and perception of who to trust and include in our “circles”. Surround yourself with likeminded people. Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you along your journey.

Why do you think successful people are constantly around other successful people? Being surrounded by positive and forward thinking individuals creates momentum. Success is contagious.

Get rid of people in your life who hold you back. People who don’t support your or share your happiness. Your circles are extensions of yourself and will propel you towards long-term success.

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Money Is a Byproduct of Commitment Towards Successful Habits

Financial freedom isn’t attained simply by chasing money. Long-term success is a result of continuous belief and implementation of daily habits that become increasingly more effective over time.

Work on improving your life, one day at a time. Simple habits have profound impacts on long-term outcomes.

Commit to being a better, more productive, healthier version of yourself and you will vastly improve your long-term financial prospects.


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