🌻These 13 Life Skills Are Essential To Your Success: Learn Them Now(MUST READ)


Perspective —

Know how to change your Perspective on life and you gain the power to change your world.


Bounciness —

Unsuccessful people get stuck on the ground after every failure, whereas successful people bounce right back up.

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Planning —

Having no plan leaves a lot of room for procrastination, unwanted events and regret. White space is a poison to productivity and well-being.

Procrastination —

This can be a great tool if used right. Train yourself to procrastinate on procrastinating or on how to procrastinate effectively and you will get far more done.

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Mischief —

You can trick your brain quite effectively if you know how it works. Play a bit of mischief on it and trick it to do what you want.

Finances —

Having money is largely knowledge based. If you know how to work money your finances will always be in order.

Self-Reflection —

99% of your problems can be solved if you just reflect a little bit and think about them. You are smarter than you know.

Ego-Swallowing —

Who cares if you have to embarrass yourself a bit now, or do something uncomfortable if it leads you to where you want to be?

Communication —

Not only with your partner but also with yourself this can solve most problems before they truly start.

Happiness —

Yes, this is a skill. Learning to do more of what you want, less of what you do not want, and how to enjoy your time even when you do something you do not want is a great skill. Seriouslessness is a huge part of it.

How To Care —

There is a brilliant book by Mark Manson on this topic called “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck”.

Self-Regulation —

Everything can be bad if it is too much. Regulate your time, alcohol, procrastination, soft drinks, and everything else.

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Courage —

By far the most useful skill to have is the ability to face your fears and step out into the world anyway. Courage, more than anything else, will lead you to a better life.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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