🌻10 Steps To Becoming A Machine At Work(AMAZING INSIGHTS)


Don’t Get Distracted —

This time is for one activity only. Every other thing that comes in comes in will only be a distraction from the current task. If it is important, hard-workers will switch, prioritizing the new task to the point of abandoning the old. Otherwise, they will stay with what they were doing.

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Intentional Actions —

Hard-workers go about everything intentionally. That means no accidental movie marathons. If they want to watch a movie they will watch it and be done afterwards. This allows them to keep their play time playful and their work time productive.

Planned Time —

Nothing they do is an accident.

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From the way they brush their teeth in the morning and the way they clean between their toes, to the way they run business decisions and run a multi-million dollar company, everything is planned. It may not always be the best choice, but it is no accident.

Action Over Reaction —

Hard-workers are proactive enough to address issues before they become problems. Be that in their relationship, in themselves or their work, a hard-worker will be attentive enough to notice when something is off right away. They do not do this as a reaction to something negative, which most people do, but rather because whatever is off is not what they want it to be and therefore warrants more actions.

Knowing Themselves —

You absolutely cannot become a “machine” if you do not know yourself. How much sleep do you need? When do you perform the best? What foods make you feel active? When do you usually get sick? How do you handle stress the best? Hard-working people do not try to change themselves as much as they try to make life work for who they are.
Having A Daily Battle Plan — Hard-workers fill their schedule to the brim every day, starting with what is most important. Like a general leading their troops to victory, the hard-worker will lead their habits, actions and even their thoughts to winning as many battles a day as possible.

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Strong Routines —

Hard-working people have achieved a balance in their lives that lets them push their limits. Without the right balance of work, sleep, fun, social interactions, mental recovery and purpose everyone will crumble. It is up to you to find that balance and transform it into routines that keep this tight balance intact. Even machines need to cool down.

Gigantic Dreams —

Hard-workers need a driving force that pushes them beyond their discomfort. Only one action can win: Either it will be the action not to do what you know you should for it is uncomfortable, or you push through that discomfort and pain to do what is necessary. Create dreams so juicy that they will do anything and everything to see them through.

Keep Pushing —

We are not machines, but we can train to become stronger, more hard-working workers. Imagine that your work ethic is a muscle, to train this muscle you must push it past its limits and then allow it to rest. This means doing so much you get uncomfortable over and over and over again. Push beyond what you think you are capable of, to the point where you are sweating and where the work almost hurts. When you reach those levels you’ve pushed your limits. Over time this will make you seem like a true machine.

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No Other Option —

There is no choice other than to work hard. To them, the alternative does not exist. They must work hard, for they burned all other bridges or despise what is on the side of the still existing ones so much that the path in front of them is the only viable option. They must work; no matter what.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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