🌻Success is Made Up of 3 Things. You Control 2 of Them. (VERY POWERFUL)


Focus on what’s within your control.

Success has a few formulas. You can find them everywhere online for free.


It’s some combination of persistence, consistency and deep work.

But I want to break down what success entails. It has 3 major parts.

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We’ll start with what you don’t control.

Then get into the fun stuff…what you do control.

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Yes, it’s real.

No, it’s not everything.

Some people ignorantly argue luck doesn’t exist. But being born in modern times in first world countries is pure luck. As is being born with good health and a certain brain capacity.

Other people ignorantly argue all good things are chalked up to luck. Also not an accurate picture. You can be born lucky and then completely mess up everything.

What is luck?

Pretty much anything outside of your direct control falls in my definition.

Your choices

Are you going to hit snooze or get up?

Are you spending money on bullshit or buying assets?

Are you spending your weekend drinking or working on a side hustle?

Who will you marry? What degree will you get? When shit hits the fan will you crumble? If you find yourself depressed, will you give in? Who will you have kids with?

Are you going to keep giving up every time it gets hard?

All of these are choices. Made by you.

And your choices will determine the quality of your life. And your level of success.

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Your habits

What you do every day is who you are. It’s what your life is.

People think of the big things in life, but all big things are made up of the small things.

Years are made up of months. Months are made up of days. Days are made up of hours.

What are you doing with your hours?

Do you have a morning routine? An exercise routine? A deep work routine? A sleep routine?

You really should.

Right now I follow a loose schedule which allows for tons of flexibility but still makes sure I’m getting the most out of my days:

6–12: sprint (workout, deep work, content creation)
12–6: learn (engaging, reading, courses, videos)
6–10: rest (family time, me time)
10–6: sleep


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