🌻Why Most People Remain Poor(CLASSIC)


Most people remain poor because they focus on the work over the results.

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Assuming that they work at all, they grind and grind and grind and grind and grind and grind and grind…


They work so much, do so many things and try everything to no avail.

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Because they never look at what actually brings results.

After working in the same job for 10+ years and still being poor you should realize that something isn’t working.

Somehow that process of hoping and doing the same things over and over and over again hasn’t landed you any more money.

Maybe it’s time to change that process!

Instead of asking for $1 on the street you could ask people to give you $100.

Instead of applying to a hundred jobs with the same E-mail application you could actually visit the headquarters and ask for the person making the final decision.

And instead of just working hard at your current job in the hopes to get promoted you could ask your boss what would actually ensure a promotion.

Rich people do not focus on the activities themselves; they don’t care what they do.

What they care about is what brings results!

This is why most of them are on top of new social media sites, invest into the newest investments, and jump on every Bandwagon they can.

They do not do this because they enjoy doing it, but because it brings results.

They check in every week, even every day, to see where the money comes from.

They make analysis, watch their income and expenses carefully and look at where the money flows and why.

And then they try to optimize everything that leads to great results!

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During this process they often encounter very uncomfortable tasks, but unlike the poor who avoid those tasks and just do more of the same things that they’ve always done, the successful few do not care.

As long as it leads results they will do what it takes.

If you are still broke and poor then you have to start looking at what will actually lead you to get results.

Focus on those tasks and ignore the rest. That is how you escape poverty.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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