🌻Do This Simple Thing to Have Everything You Want


We live in a crazy ass ‘hustle culture is king’ type of society.

This system was created by our economy lords. And the rest of us fell in line.


We spend so much time working on the next thing we forget to enjoy life right now.

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So here’s the simple thing to do:

Slow down.

This past year I spent a lot of time slowing down. I realized there were ways to have everything I wanted right now.

I wanted to write, so I did. Now I make nice side money.

I wanted more freedom, so I stayed remote in my 9–5. My days are more flexible.

I wanted peace so I spend mornings outside in nature. I’m calmer and happier.

We all want happiness & peace, and it doesn’t come from things.

Find ways to have what you want now: freedom, options, experiences, generosity.

Slow down and enjoy the life you have right now.


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