🌼5 Successful People Who Failed Massively in The Beginning(LEARN FROM THIS ARTICLE NOW)


If you’re not failing enough, you’re not trying hard.

Failure is soul-crushing.


But if you don’t fail, how a ray of hope will enter your body?

We all love success stories. Overnight success is exhilarated on the internet. You open Instagram, and the world feels like heaven. In reality, every success is a result of massive failure.

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Study the life of successful people, and you’ll realize every single soul failed before they succeeded.

You will recognize each of these people, but here people hardly talk about their failures along the way.

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If Jeff Bezos gave up after his online auction site “zShops” ultimately failed, there would be no Amazon.
If J.K.Rowling gave up after being turned down by multiple publishers for years, there would be no Harry potter.
If Bill Gates gave up after his first software company called Traf-O-Data failed, there would be no Microsoft.
If Howard Schultz gave up after being turned down by banks 242 times, there’d be no Starbucks.
If Walt Disney gave up after his theme park concept was trashed 303 times, there’d be no Disney.
Can you guess ONE common trait among all of these people?

They never quit!

That’s the key to success.

Failures in life are unavoidable.

But as you age, you learn to experience things and understand how to deal with failures in life. There is no shortcut to success. If someone tries to sell you a quick success gimmick, shut them down.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Have you ever claimed a mountain? When you reach the peak, your goal is reached; what to do? It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. Along the way, you meet people, wait, sleep, and enjoy the beauty around you. But you don’t stop. If you stop, you’ll die.

A similar approach goes for life. There might be bumps on the road and maybe plot twists in your story, but until you’re alive, keep going.

How to get up when you hit rock bottom?

In the pandemic, people have lost their loved ones lost their jobs, and some are still suffering. If you’re reading this blog, it means there is hope left in you. You need a push to start again.

So what if you failed? The greater the failure, the more you can learn from it and move on. Take whatever you can learn from the loss and fail better the next time.

If you’re not failing often, it’s alarming. You’re not trying enough things or taking enough risks.

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Keep no regrets in life.

7 Things People Regret Later in Life

Ensure that you avoid these things.

A degree is useless. Skills are a goldmine. Invest your days in learning skills.

Every morning you’re gifted 1440 minutes. You can either waste it worrying about yesterday or take it as an opportunity to try new things, fail better, change your approach and try again.

Every human tends to solve every problem that GOD sends in his way. Try to view issues from a different lens. Focus on the solution, and you’ll see solutions all around you. Focus on the problems, and your life will be surrounded by more problems.

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Closing thought

Life is not meant to be wasted on things that matter least to you. To leave a legacy in life, laser-focus your efforts on solving the problems of people around you. The more problems you solve, the more successful you’ll become.


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