🌻How To Stay Consistent On Your Goal


When was the last time you accomplished a goal without any distractions? We tend to always have an excuse on achieving our goal.

“I feel too tired”, “I don’t have money”, I don’t have time” and list goes on… But is it really true?


Think about it, our “smart” phones are designed to make us smarter. Right?

While we are waiting at bus station, queuing for that lunch or at a restroom, we never let go of our phones. What we are doing is that we are constantly injecting our brain with dopamine.

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Yes, it is true that there’s a good side. For instance, the information that we consume today would probably be equivalent to the information that someone living in the18th century would be consuming in their entire life. But although this is giving us to an almost instant, unlimited access to information, it is double edged sword where we are constantly falling in the trap of “digital delusion”.

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What do I mean by that?

In a book “Limitless”, Jim Kwik introduces 4 supervillains that stops us to focus and remain consistent. One of the supervillains is digital delusion. He describes as a phenomenon where we are having too much information but too little time to intake all. So are we actually having no time or are we spending that spare time on something that adds no value to your goal what so ever?

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What about multi-tasking?

A study shows that our brain has difficulties in processing more than one set of information at a same time. It goes even further saying that multi-tasking does a permanent damage to our brains, affecting memories, impair cognitive abilities and ability to focus.

Personally speaking, this was alarming for me. Although most of us know multi-tasking is bad, it is hard to focus on one thing, one goal at a time. So how can we keep our self away from distractions? These are three tips I have personally experienced that works brilliantly when I want to focus on one task to achieve my goal.

Set Timer: A research published by Harvard University showed that longer the deadlines, the workers tend to overthink about the projects and input much more resources and time into it. This, in turn, leads to procrastination and inconsistency of our commitment to the task.
Solution? Set your own deadlines whether hourly, daily, weekly. One of my favorite youtuber posts videos about “Study with me” while he sets an timer using Pomodoro Technique. It basically forces you to have a 25-minute sessions and 5-minute breaks intervals keeping our brain refreshed.
Go Out: This may sound counter-intuitive as we might be even more distracted if we go out. But what I am referring here is find a place where you can focus. It can be a quiet local café in your neighbor hood, library, beach, park, mountain top… There’s no right place, but wherever you can focus.
Set Clear Goal: This doesn’t mean you lists out everything you want to achieve that day. It means prioritization. This is so crucial because we simply do not have time to accomplish everything. God has given 24-hours in a day and 168 hours a week for every human being. How you use that matters. You can work on 24 different things in a day and be mediocre or work on 1 things to perfection.
Now of course we cannot ignore our responsibilities. If you family, spontaneous bosses/clients, friends, it may be virtually impossible to focus on one thing at a time and keep it consistent. But at the same time you can manage them. For instance, you can have auto-response email or text beforehand to manage expectations those around you. In this way, you will only be stopped when it is utmost urgent situation.

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Sounds like a common sense? Sometimes “practicing” basic principles lead to better result than trying many different things. Now that’s what I call focus and consistency.

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