🌻6 Ways to Motivate Yourself Daily


Easy peasy ways to succeed in life, one day at a time.

Every morning can either be a blessing or a day in hell. The choice is yours. How you begin, each day will set the tone for the day.


The first 20 minutes of your day set you up for success? But are you ready to take the risk and move forward with the day?

Some people consider motivation a one-time thing. It’s like taking a vaccine for the corona and resting for the rest of your life. But all good and easy only happen in movies. The ideal morning where you wake up peacefully and do breakfast in silence. In reality, to succeed or overcome your day, you must begin your day with a positive mindset.

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That’s it. There is no rocket science or magic bullet to have a fantastic morning. Everything happens in your mind. It’s about perspective.

Motivating yourself daily is not an easy task. But little lifestyle changes can easily impact your life over time.

Here are some too-good-to-be-true tips to make your mornings extra special and thrilling.

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1. Begin each day with gratitude

If you don’t have time to be grateful, you don’t get time to be happy.

The morning hour is the most effective time to jump-start your day with a bang.

The best way to do it is to count your blessings. Start from the smallest one: your life. Then home, friends, family, your job, talent, or clothes you’re wearing.

Jot down ten things you’re grateful for every morning, and it’ll set a positive tone for the day.

2. Figure out your most productive projects and finish them first

It’s the Perito principle, also known as the 80/20 rule. The rule states that 20% of inputs create 80% of the output. Meaning if you’re a freelancer, note that 80% of your income is coming from 20% of the client. They can be repeat clients or one-timers that pay the most.

Figure out that 20% of projects/goals in life impact 80% of your day. Begin your day by finishing these tasks.

A sense of achievement gives peace and irreplaceable internal satisfaction.

3. Volunteer for a cause or give charity

Giving charity blesses your life in unimaginable ways. Every day take some time out to give out charity to your favorite organization or to someone you know who needs money.

If you have time, go out and volunteer for a cause. Doing work for needy people strengthens your faith in GOD and gives you satisfaction. Take some time out for people who need your help.

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4. Commit to all-day-positive thoughts

For a day, don’t think anything negative. Give yourself 24 hours to look at life from an optimistic angle. View things as something positive.

Whether it’s people upsetting you or things not working out in your day, force yourself to look at the bright side of things.

Of course, it’s impossible to do this activity every day, but surely you can try and do it a few times a week. Trust me, this trick does wonder in your life.

The more positive you feel about life, the more positive things you get.

5. Forgive everyone who did wrong to you

Forgiveness is a blessing. When you forgive people who did wrong to you, it gives you power, it makes you strong, and it motivates you to look at life from a different perspective.

You can either do this exercise in the morning or the last thing before going to bed. Close your eyes and think of anyone who did wrong to you. Now, say to yourself, “I forgive Mr/Mrs X for the wrong they did to me.” Now open your eyes and get back to your day.

You’ll get instant results. You’ll feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful. You’ll be motivated and excited to take whatever the world throws at you and fight with full might.

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6. Celebrate your win

Why wait for others to appreciate you? Landed a big client? Go for dinner alone. Successfully completed a project, plan a movie night with a friend.

Who told you to wait for others to pat on your back? Some days, you can celebrate your most minor wins and biggest achievements alone or with someone special. No need to wait for the perfect moment.

Today is that moment. Go out and celebrate a little. And even if you’ve failed, celebrate trying, applaud the effort.

In the end, life gives you 24 hours to do something worthy. Don’t waste it on unworthy things. Go ahead and become your biggest supporter. Pat on your back and give yourself a thumbs-up for trying hard. That’s what winners do, and that is what you must do.


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