🟡Want Massive Success? Avoid These 2 Traps


Success is as much about avoidance as it is about action.

So, let’s learn what to avoid.


Everyone wants to be successful.

Our versions of success all look different, but the desire is universal.

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And we have two main mindset issues that create barriers to success.

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The “are we there yet?” dilemma

We want things to come quick & easy and it’s not always possible.

In fact, more often than not, it’s not going to be quick nor easy.

Anything worth building, takes time.

All the hacks in the world, while they may speed things up, won’t remove the time barrier.

Every role model you have, has worked their ass off for years.

The time is passing either way, may as well get to work.

The “I suck” syndrome

Not to be confused with imposter syndrome, which is similar and also insidious.

But “I suck” is where we compare ourselves to people who have been doing something for years.

How can you live up to someone else’s success when they’ve put in 10 years and you’ve put in 30 days?

You can’t.

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So stop trying.

If you’re seeing someone with success you don’t have, they’re doing things you’re not doing. And they’re doing it a lot. And they’ve been doing it longer.

Stop comparing and get to work.

Your only goal should be being better than you last week, last month, last year.


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