9 fun habits that will make you more money (Powerful)


Making money needn’t be painful.

I realised over the years that if you view it as a struggle, you make less of it.

Those that are winning this game are finding ways to make it fun. Period.


This is why my emphasis here is on fun and being creative.

The looseness and pleasure derived from enjoyment is the kind of energy you want in money-creation.

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Like Andy Warhol, one of the wealthiest artists of our time said:

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

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These habits have helped me grow my businesses (a ton):

RE-commit to making a lot of money.

What’s the habit here?

This: Your repeated commitment to money-creation. Most people have zero commitment to creating money and then moan about why they have none. Money-creation is absolutely rooted in continually re-energising yourself around why you want it.

This means writing down goals daily (yes, daily, bro) to re-affirm this commitment and passion.

You are not above making money.

We live on an economic planet. You may as well have fun with it.

Connect with a human.

Every day, reach out to interesting people you believe you can serve with your skills and give them something of value.

Do not approach this with any expectations. Keep it light and fun. Just do this as a daily practice, and your network will grow as a symptom of this work.

I neglected this when building my own design company in my twenties, leading to my income frequently running dry.

Your business’ life-blood is people.

Get active and make friends today, so you can create opportunities tomorrow.

Run an income audit.

Eesh. Sounds dry and complex, right?


All I’m talking about here is drawing up a list of all the activities you do each week and seeing which of them make money.

We can sabotage our income-creation because we spend too much time on activities that don’t lead to money. Use this list to identify the two or three critical money-generating weekly activities.

Having clarity like this is FUN. You can do this once or twice a month, and it will keep your attention in the right place.

Write money-making-lists.

Brainstorm creative ways to make money, multiply money, and make the most of your current money-creation sources.

Writing lists open up parts of the brain you rarely access when stressing about money.

Relax and get creative here, and you may surprise yourself with all the opportunities that lie before you.

When you have your ideas down, commit to taking one small step on the highest priority option.

Repackage your knowledge for sale.

There are so many exciting ways to package everything you’ve learned and experienced over the years, from which others could benefit.

You might, for example, get hold of years of social media content and collect your best posts or video transcripts into a book. There’s a lot of low-cost help out there you can outsource for this.

Or you might take what you’ve learned in your job or experience and channel your insights into a course you can sell on a platform like Gumroad and market it via Twitter.

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Invest in a few fun projects.

Setting aside money for long-term investments is vital. But a lot of investment can be dreary, especially if you’re focused on making safe bets (wise).

You might also look into the more speculative plays where you have the chance to back a promising start-up, new technology, NFT, or crypto project.

Obviously, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose here, but there is a lot of fun playing this game.

Much can be made here potentially. Many speculative investments may only have a minimal downside but massive upside potential.

Play money-creation games.

Most of us struggle with money because we make it about ourselves.

We say: ‘I’m just not cut out for making money.’

‘Money isn’t everything, and I am above obsessing over it.’

This will keep you struggling financially because you’re self-conscious and miserable around money. Instead, take the focus off you, and redirect it to the game of money-creation.

Suddenly money is no longer rooted in fear but in fun.

Set yourself challenges — ideally with accountability partners or a coach — to make a certain amount using ethical, creative means within the next 90 days.

I did this with a client, and she said this: “Working with Alex made a huge difference in my business! Through his coaching, I was able to grow my income and client base.”

Read books about wealth.

Stop buying into the idea that learning about and talking about money is somehow tasteless.

Nah. Money is a tool, nothing more. We can see it as bad, or we can see it as a means to be creative, and as a reflection of the difference we are making in the world. With your reservations set aside, you’re free to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wealth-creation.

Go big. Aim to make a ton of money.

This is enlivening — made even more so when you get inspired by stories of how others made theirs.

Start a tiny side-hustle.

Who said money can only be made through your main career?

Yawn Central. Times have changed, baby.

We all have the opportunity to create income streams in fun, curious ways, online and offline. These streams needn’t be massive, though they can be.

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How about selling toys on Amazon?

Or creating and selling colouring-in books for adults?

Maybe you could set up a dog-walking business as a way to reset, away from your main hustle. Only do this when you’re making a consistent primary stream.

What side-projects could you start that make you $10, $50, $500 a day? It’s possible to have a lot of fun with this.

Money as a hobby.

Think of that.



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