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Take your life to the next level.
Do you want an extraordinary life?

Then you have to be willing to do the extraordinary.


If you want to change your life, start cultivating uncommon habits.

Ditch Your Phone.

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What is your goal right now? What do you want to achieve this year?

Do your habits of today support your goals for the future?

I bet scrolling through your phone isn’t one of them.

These days, most people spend their days on phones, checking Instagram and TikTok, replying to every message that comes their way. But you want to do the unusual thing.

Turn off notifications. Better yet, leave the phone in the other room.

This habit will make you super focused and super productive, getting you into your flow state.

45% of Americans consider their phone as their most valuable possession. Once their battery goes below 20 %, they feel a sense of panic or anxiety.

And studies have found that using cell phones lowers attention spans, concentration, memory, and social cognition over the last decade. People know this but they don’t care enough to do anything about it.

Don’t buy into the highlights reel of influencers. The superficial display of an unrealistic feed is crushing your self-esteem. Spend less time on your phone.

Set your own trends instead of following others. Apply the “no phone rule” in the morning and before going to bed.

When your mind is not preoccupied with ordinary shit, you can focus on building the extraordinary.

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Invest In Self-Awareness.

When you strive to reach your goal, whether a 6-figure sum of money or getting through college, you will face challenges. Those challenges then set in motion uncomfortable emotions.

Most people give up or run away from their feelings. But if you want to face them — that is when self-awareness comes to the rescue.

You can level up your game of self-awareness through journaling, meditation, or yoga.

Meditation makes you realize that just because you think a thought doesn’t make it true. It eases psychological stresses like anxiety, depression, and pain.

Five minutes of self-awareness will change your life.

Getting in touch with your feelings helps you discover what drives your motivation and what propels your fears.

When you ask yourself powerful questions like:

Why am I feeling jealous of the success of others?
How do I expect to feel once I get XYZ?
You will always receive powerful answers that guide you toward achieving your goals.

When you get honest about your insecurities, it gets easier to turn them into strengths.

Self-awareness is like holding a mirror at your soul.

Along the path to success, you will have doubts. And if you don’t tame them, that negative self-talk will become your downfall.

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Feed Your Mind Right.

Nourish your mind like you would your body.

Read. It is simple, yet rare, these days.

The mind cannot survive on junk food.

— Jim Rohn

Poor gut health leads to disease.

Poor mental nourishment wreaks havoc on the quality of your life. It breeds anxiety, lack of concentration and growth. You may be chasing comfort but your life lacks ease.

The mental input, and the books you read, determine your outlook on life.

Read books to add value, vocabulary, and insight to your life. Don’t shy away from learning new things. Read about finances, investing, travelling or cooking.

What is more, combine it with writing. Journal your way through the morning.

Journaling opens the portal to your thoughts. It gives you a clear picture of your worries and illogical fears by putting everything in perspective. It can also help you read more deeply and retain what you read.

With writing, you stimulate your mind to come up with new ideas. It sets you up for creativity throughout the day.

Cultivate Silence.

Cut yourself some slack and take off the pressure of sharing every minute of your life on social media.

Do you realize how loud those platforms can get?

I have a theory that the louder somebody’s Instagram life gets, the less perfect it is behind the scenes.

Happy people don’t chase the need to share how satisfied they are. Social media is a creative outlet, yet today many people mistake it for a tool to stroke their egos.

People don’t know how to be with themselves. There are too many distractions competing for our attention. We escape into TV, partying and scrolling. As a consequence, the entertainment business thrives.

Workaholism is all the rage. Addictions are born. People will do everything to get away from their feelings. They don’t know how to deal with the emotional baggage.

Silence lowers your blood pressure. It boosts your concentration and stimulates brain growth.

When you discover your identity in silence and solitude, you are no longer seduced by the external world. You discover freedom.

Enjoy the best moments in silence. Chaos and noise are overrated.

Silence is a powerful tool for creating a successful life.

And silence, like darkness, can be king; it, too, is a language.

— Hanif Kurdish, Intimacy and Midnight All Day: A Novel and Stories

Get Cosy With Your Bank Account.

Are you afraid of checking your bank account? I know I did for years.

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This habit builds blocks around money.

When you fear talking about your financial situation, you are making money taboo. Your mind associates it either with evil or a mystery — something that is out of reach.

Your money mindset is key to financial success. How you treat money is how it responds to you.

People consider money off-limits when it comes to social conversations.

Money is your friend, treat it likewise, and it will stay in your life. Treat money as something normal. Respect it, but don’t worship it.

You should enjoy talking about money, earning it and spending as well.

If you don’t like talking about money, your subconscious mind will sabotage your every action and opportunity to earn more.

CONTRIBUTED BY Katarzyna Portka

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