University of Tokyo Scholarships for International Students


University of Tokyo Scholarships for International Students

Currently, there are 4,267 international students at The University of Tokyo. The majority of these students came from Asia, the neighboring countries of Japan. Some students came from different parts of the world, including Europe, Africa, North America, and many more.

For its learning environment, international students get a variety of support from the university. From accommodation, and learning the Japanese language up to financial aid, they provide plans and guidelines designed to help these international students.


Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Japanese Government [MEXT] Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee covered and a monthly allowance of 103 US Dollars.

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The Japanese Government Scholarship is designed for students who plan to study in Japan. It is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. Incoming undergraduate students who plan to apply for this scholarship at the University of Tokyo must take a one-year intensive course about the Japanese language and other subjects needed. After completing the course, the MEXT will be the one to choose what university you will be entering.

2. Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) “Scholarships for Study in Japan”

  • Scholarship Amount: 440 US Dollars monthly

JASSO aims to help international students with their school finances. To qualify for this scholarship at the University of Tokyo, a certain grade point is needed. The screening will be done after the university’s recommendation for the applicant.

There are more University of Tokyo scholarships available for international students. To view them, please visit their website.

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Graduate Scholarships

1. University of Tokyo Fellowship; The University of Tokyo Special Scholarship for International Students

This University of Tokyo scholarship for international students is funded by several Japanese foundations that help graduate students in their studies, especially in the research field. It is given to international graduate students who excel in their research studies. They provide these research grants who perform well. To qualify for this scholarship, you may contact your graduate school’s office.

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