15 Quick Habits That Make You Better Every Day (UNFORGETTABLE)


Read — 30 Minutes at Minimum. 2 hours at Maximum. Every day.

Practice — No one starts out perfect.


Test Something New — You might discover something you never thought you would.

Affirmations — Train your mind like you do your body. Keep it positive.

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Meditations — Relax your mind. It works very hard for you every day and deserves a little silence every once in a while.

Laugh — Especially learning to laugh at the “normal” moments adds a lot of value.

Invest — Spend some money every day in yourself with the sole focus of improving.

Reflect — To know how to improve you must know what you’re doing first.

Say ‘NO’ — Especially to those things that really waste time.

Be Active — Add more movements, bigger movements and faster movements to what you already do. It breeds excitement and passion.

Brave — Brave the world and be brave in the way you walk your path.

Walk — Outside preferably, but take a walk every day. Even 5 minutes help.

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Commit — It’s only you that suffers when you do not commit to the moments in your life or the choices that you made.

Focus — Remind yourself of what matters. Cut out the rest.

Grind — Try giving something everything you’ve got every day. Squeeze out everything. You’ll feel much better at the end of the day.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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