What Finally Motivated Me To Change My Life


Something was off.

I felt like I had worked so hard and yet… I was not anywhere close to where I wanted to be.


To add to that, I also did not really like myself.

I remember looking into the mirror in my tiny apartment and saw a skinny, shy, irresponsible and uncomfortable guy looking back at me.

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I had a whole 20 square-meter apartment to myself, no one to share it with, was not fit, ate unhealthy, barely invested into my school, and most of my money went into alcohol or video games.

What did I study so much for?

Why did I spend so many summers taking extra classes?

Why did I stand up an hour early to take an extra class in the morning, left 3 hours later for extracurriculars, and spent so many hours studying when I could have been out with friends?

Was it all just to live in this tiny apartment with no friends, no partner and still not liking myself?

It was at that point that I tried to work on myself the first time.

I tried to invest more of myself into my friendships and relationships, tried to be more engaged in my classes and my fitness and worked even harder than before.

Yet, after about 6 months of this, I crashed again.

Even though I invested more of myself into my life, I had no idea how to do it, or what would actually yield results.

Within 6 months I had failed a very important exam, had less friends than before and had barely maintained my level of fitness.

It was at that moment that I fell into a whole.

For even though I wanted to work on myself, I couldn’t produce any results.

What made this worse was that, in my negativity, I tried to call a friend to be there for me and realized that I had no relationship that I trusted enough to support me.

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At that point, I felt there was nothing left for me to do…

A week later I hired a life coach, not because I wanted to improve, but because that moment was so miserable for me, so negative, that I knew if I went down there again I wouldn’t come back out.

To me that was not an option.

But, not knowing how to change my life, I had to find someone who knew what I needed to do.

What motivated me at this time was not the promise of a better life, but the hope that life would not be as bad as it had been.

Having been a life coach myself for over 8 years now, and having worked with hundreds of people, I can say that the path I took was a last resort.

If your life is not that good, or if you are considering on working on yourself, then get serious about it now.

Get serious about it now so that you do not fall down to the point where you must work on yourself or else…

Life can get better because of a promise of a brighter tomorrow (as cliché as that sounds).

Today I definitely am working because I want to be my own hero and live a life worth living.

I want to feel proud of myself and what I have done and want to be the person I would wish to be, that has the life I would wish to have.

I work on myself because I know this is possible, and not even that hard to achieve.

Since my first time trying to work on myself many things have already changed and I have added a plethora of new reasons for why I work so hard on myself and my life.

I have so many because my mood always changes and on a certain day a different motivator will actually get me moving.

Nowadays I can chose between my own dreams, being a better partner for my partner, being a better coach for my clients, leaving a positive impact on the world, or just generating one more smile.

I want to see other people shine, want to be a guiding light to others, and want to be someone that everyone that engages with me can feel proud and happy to know.

I want to inspire, motivate, release and lift others up as much as humanly possible, because I know the only thing holding them back from being breath-takingly amazing is themselves.

I demand more of myself because of this, for if I am not at my best I reduce the chances of reaching any of these motivators.

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That is why I work so hard on myself every day. And while I am not perfect, while I do miss some days and still mess up, my life has improved so much ever since.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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