50 Things To Do If You Feel Bored At Home (I wish I knew these 10 years ago)


Pamper yourself by making your free time more fun and exciting.

It can be genuinely depressing when you wake up feeling like you have nothing to do and there is no plan for the day. I’ve been there many times.


It shouldn’t be that way, but sometimes it happens. If you are tired of the same daily life, try something new and out of your comfort zone.

There are so many ideas to apply whenever you have free time. I hope these tips help you to be more active whenever you have nothing to do.

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These are 50 things you can do if you feel bored at home.

Learn a new language online for free — It opens the doors to communicating with more people. Speak their native language, and you will speak to their heart.

Learn a new recipe for the day — Cooking a brand new dinner is super fun, and relaxing, and you learn something new at the same time.

Watch your favorite movie or tv show — There is always a good message, especially in film.

Clean your room for the day — It makes you feel better about doing something productive.

Call one of your friends for hangouts — They think about you as well but are too shy to reach out.

Look at old photos from your album — The past reminds you of how far you’ve come in life.

Read a book or listen to an audiobook — It’s relaxing while you are learning something new.

Play with your pet — Animals are social and need as much social interaction as you. Pets are family, too.

Go for a walk in your local park — You will feel much better after getting fresh air and moving your body.

Watch a documentary of your interest — If you love history, watch a documentary about ancient Greece (as an example)

Travel around the world — If the finances are going well, why not travel to a country you desire and come back home with valuable memories?

Read books at your local library — Find a random book at a library and read it with a cup of coffee.

Playing video games — Sometimes you deserve to relax, and playing video games feels relaxing and wonderful.

Start meditating every day — Meditation helps you perceive the world differently and get to know yourself better.

Write in your notebook or diary — Write your thoughts on a piece of paper as it helps to clear your mind out this way.

Write and publish a book — If you feel you have a message to share with the world, why not write a book on a field you’re an expert at?

Go to the museum once in a while — Going to the museum is a fantastic experience to try as you see arts that were created over 100 years ago.

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Have a karaoke night — Find a song you like and sing it at your home. It feels good to sing your heart out.

Play an instrument you like — Try to learn to play guitar or drums. It feels good to invest in your musical field.

Go to the shopping mall — You are surrounded by people, and you get to see many things on your shopping trip.

Workout or stretch your body — Your body needs to be used. You gain energy by using energy.

Take a nap — You need to rest to gain more energy. Sleeping is the longest form of meditation.

Make a vision board — Buy a whiteboard and put pictures of goals you want to achieve.

Take a good bath — Spoil yourself this way; take a bath, turn on the candles and play your favorite song on the speaker. It’s luxurious.

Go to social media for inspiration — Find inspirations on social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, or any platform.

Watch “How To” tutorials online — Want to be a good artist? search up “How to be good at drawing.”

Listen to your favorite podcast — Listening to people sharing motivation gives you inspiration in life.

Write your wishlist down — Write a list of all of your heart’s desires and make them come true by taking action.

Speak lovely words to yourself — Go to the mirror and talk to yourself as if you are your own best friend by encouraging and complimenting yourself. You will have high self-esteem doing that.

Draw or paint something — The art doesn’t have to be perfect. Just paint or draw something that you like. Have fun with it and let your creativity flow.

Organize your smartphone — Delete old photos and apps you don’t need anymore. Organize all your apps into different categories and change your background image.

Decorate your home — Be creative and decorate your room how you want it to be. Make your home feel more alive and beautiful. Look up interior designs for inspiration.

Throw out all the old stuff. Sometimes you need to throw out old things so new things can be added to your home.

Do a face mask before bed. Sometimes you have to pamper yourself by taking care of your skin once in a while.

Use a coloring book — If you can’t draw, use a coloring book to fill out the colors. It may be a super relaxing coloring book of mandalas.

Go to the beach during summer — It doesn’t matter if you are alone or with your friends. Enjoy the great weather near the beach as you get plenty of sun.

Join a hobby club of your interest — Do you like swimming? Join a swimming club. Are you into tennis? Why not join a tennis team?

Rearrange the furniture in your home — I’ve done this many times. Sometimes you have to rearrange your home because change is good.

Start a YouTube channel — Do you like documenting your life? Start a vlog channel. Are you an entrepreneur? Make a business channel where you share tips and advice.

Give your old clothes to a charity shop. You feel like you’re doing decent humanitarian work when you give out your old clothes to someone who really needs it. I’ve done this many times.

Learn how to invest — It doesn’t matter if you invest in stocks, crypto, or personal growth. Improving yourself is the biggest asset you will ever have.

Take pictures of yourself — As long as it doesn’t get to your head. Have fun with it, have a moment where you feel like a rockstar, and own it.

Edit a video — Find a video that you like, edit it on your computer (DaVinci Resolve is free) and upload it on YouTube, TikTok, or any other platforms.

Get a plant and take care of it — It’s nice to have a house plant in your home as it reminds you of nature. All you have to do is nurture them.

Organize your folders on the computer — Some things are meant to be thrown out. Delete all the files that you never use anymore.

Listen to relaxing music in bed. You don’t always have to be active in your free time. Sometimes you just need to relax in your bed and listen to calm music.

Write a poem — If you’re into poetry, try to write it; it’s super therapeutic, and you get all your feelings out on paper.

Make a list of everything you are grateful for in life. It could be your family, friends, pets, or having the career of your dreams. Every small thing matters.

Make a healthy smoothie. I love doing this. I would add all the fruits and veggies into the blender with a cup of water. It makes me feel healthier and happier.

Try out a new hairstyle — A new change is healthy. It’s healthy to have different looks as it gives you more experience when it comes to appearances.

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You have to find the one that works for you. You may have other ideas that you do, making you feel better. If you do, fantastic, continue on that.

In the end, sometimes all you have to do is nothing, just lay in bed and relax, because you deserve it after being at work the whole day.

If you still have the energy to do something, try these things I’ve listed above and see if they help you in any way. It’s important to have fun in your free time.

Make your life more cozy and fun by applying these ideas.


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