10 Habits To Become More Productive In Life (Good for you!)


Productivity is the reason for living a happy life

Productivity is something which I found, personally, exciting. I can no longer work for even 5 mins if I am not in the chain or the behavior of productiveness. So productivity and being productive are essential for me. I prioritize and manage things, schedule my goals, and make a proper timetable every day, just to calm my mind and find satisfaction. That is the reason why being productive every day is so much important for me because it helps me to achieve most of the goals in my life easier.


So, if you are also like me or want a better life by being productive every single day, you have to follow some of the best practices to make your life more productive.

Here are some best practices that I follow in my daily life to become more productive (You can follow the same):

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Wake up Early and Exercise

I wake up at 5:30 A.M every single day, consistently, and the first thing that I do, after making up my bed, is to exercise for at least 30–40 minutes. This makes me happier and more satisfied with my results and achievements.

Waking up early means getting most of the work done as soon as you start your day. This sets a routine for you.

Doing a high-intensity workout early in the morning can kill laziness and make you feel productive.

Divide your Work into 3 parts

Dividing your daily work and important tasks into 2 or more parts helps you tackle them very easily and effectively. I divide all my important and critical tasks into 3 categories — difficult, medium, and easy.

The difficult types of work used to be done in the morning itself, because I found myself most energetic in the morning. The medium type of work is to be done in the evenings when I find myself a bit lazy. And the easiest types of work must be tackled during the night or during the late evening.

Make a Proper timetable

Make a proper Timetable or a To-Do-List to tackle your crucial and most important tasks every single day. It is the most effective practice that I follow every single day and this really helps in tackling various tasks every day.

A proper timetable or To-Do is a good way to keep a track of your daily routine.

Tick off the work you’ve completed and you’ll feel you’ve been productive.

Follow People Who Motivates you to do more

Stop wasting time on social media following people who don’t motivate you to get back to work.

There are various types of people, celebrity stars, Influencers, creators, etc who are giving such friendly, positive and motivating content every single day. Follow them. Know their strengths and get inspiration from them.

Change your Workspace

Workspace is a very important place that you must take care of if you want to be more productive in life. Update or manage your workspace if you find something irrelevant or not use things in your table. Make your workspace clean and full of useful and productive things. Get rid and eliminate of things that you find useless.

Your workspace is where you spend most of your time, so make sure it makes you feel motivated to work.

In case you are bored of your workspace, shift it to a new room, preferably that has windows for fresh air.


It is one of the most effective techniques for many Entrepreneurs and many successful people. The Art of delegation is very important in life to become more productive.

If there are some tasks which you find to be less important, but more Urgent then you must delegate them to someone else. Delegating tasks helps you to focus on other important things in life and helps you to become more productive.

You can also delegate those tasks which you’re not enjoying and which can ultimately make you less productive.

Save Energy

Save your energy as much as you can. Do not get angry, frustrated, or stressed out. These all will drain your energy and will make you lazy and off from work.

Eat nutritious and healthy foods to get some more energy so that you can feel refreshed and can tackle your work very easily.

Get a Shower whenever you feel sleepy.

Avoid Procrastination.

Stop watching useless things on the internet.

More Energy = More Work Done = More Productivity = More Happier you become.

Divide your Goals

Divide your goals into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals to make them seem achievable.

Plan real-time actions to achieve those goals within the deadline you’ve set for them.

Manage Stress

When you are forcing yourself to multi-task, stress is definitely going to cover you. Managing stress is the first thing you can do to become more productive.

Whenever you feel stressed from work, go and do something which you really enjoy besides work. Like you can walk around nature ( with no phone and technological gadgets), do positive self-talk, talk with your friends, write about your problems, take a rest, etc.

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Take a break

You are not a robot, right? You have to take small breaks from your work.

I prefer following the Pomodoro technique, which says that you work for 25 mins, have a laser-sharp focus, and then take 5–7 mins of break. Then again you continue this cycle again and again. This is a very effective technique that you can follow as well to take breaks from your heavy loads of work.

You can also take small breaks between your work to feel relaxed and productive. Plan trips in a month or so, to feel rejuvenated and get back to work with fresh energy.


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