7 Powerful Morning Tools That Lead to a Mind-Blowing Success (Please Digest this!)


Small changes add up to powerful results.

We pay excessive attention to the quality of our clothes, skincare and outside appearance. Rarely do we remember to prioritize constructive thoughts, supportive habits or mental peace.

The most gratifying project you will ever work on is you.


Why not making your morning a top priority?

Starting your day on the right mental track will help you own your best version of yourself.

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When you protect the first hour of your day, you get to be in control of your reactions throughout the day.

Meditation: Food for The Mind.

In today’s results-driven world, multitasking is worn as a badge of honour.

But when our brain is constantly switching gears between tasks, we become less efficient and more likely to make a mistake.

Meditation is your ally in creating the structure for the day. It does not take effort. It requires awareness.

Meditation helps you manage mental balance. And peace of mind is crucial when faced with challenges.

While meditating, you separate emotions from the decision-making process. Clarity enters the scene.

Meditation is not a one-time solution but a way of living.

Make meditation a non-negotiable habit. Quiet your mind to build a positive and powerful momentum of your thoughts.

Your thoughts matter. They are responsible for the quality of your life.

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Cold Showers and Breathwork.

Ice-cold showers not only reduce inflammation in the body but are powerful for your mind as well.

According to a study on cryotherapy, it boosts your mood and fights off depression. It literally makes you chilled out. You handle the day better and efficiently.

Intentional breathing slows down racing thoughts, bringing attention back to the body. There are many benefits of breathwork:

it boosts immunity,
decreases the level of cortisol,
lowers blood pressure,
helps to cope with chronic pains, to name a few.
After the morning breathing session, I am better equipped to handle the world and sabotaging thoughts.

Breathing brings my attention back to the present moment and helps me focus on the priorities of the day.

It sets my focus for success.

When in Doubt, Walk It Out.

The world is an exciting playground for discovering who you are.

Walking boosts my creativity. Writing does not happen when you sit at home but through exploring the world.

Thoreau claimed: “the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow”.

Many philosophers, writers, and scientists were known for walking long distances through bustling cities or serene countrysides.

Movement combined with natural surroundings conspires in your favour. Attention Restoration Theory holds that nature restores concentration and heals mental fatigue. A green environment replenishes your energy.

Nature teaches about the cyclicity and natural flow of life and death. It mirrors the wisdom of life.

Whatever you may be going through, nature will always present you with the necessary answers to help you see the broader perspective.

Don’t Let Your Mind Eat Junk.

Morning is not about adding more to your plate but making space for clarity and muting the chaos.

Apply the “no phone rule” for at least one hour.

Silence lowers your blood pressure. It calms down your nervous system and boosts your concentration. Silence stimulates brain growth.

Books we read, social media posts or YouTube videos saturate our mindset for the rest of the day.

Be selective. Not every thought deserves access to your subconscious.

Your surroundings and your interpretation of them influence the subconscious. The mind determines what materializes in our physical reality.

To find your voice, step away from external influences. Cut out negative people and ideas that do not follow the core values you have worked so hard to establish.

Look for the clutter in your life and prune it ruthlessly.

Feed Your Brain With a Nutritious Breakfast.

Although I am a firm believer that a mental diet is far more important than the physical one, the food we consume is our strong advocate.

When you feed your brain right, it boosts your memory and focus.

With a clear mind, your cognitive performance is better. Nutritious food is your fuel for life. It keeps you motivated to stay on your goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to what fires you best.

Try simple oatmeal with nuts.
Swap traditional milk for plant alternatives.
If you are a fan of eggs, combine them with avocado and hemp seeds to create a perfect toast or scrambled eggs with veggies on the side.
Don’t be afraid of healthy fats. They boost cerebral cortex function and give you the energy for the day.

The greatest thing about health? It is attainable to everyone.

Spread Kindness and Laughter.

Judgment is your poison.

Disrespectful self-talk wreaks havoc on your body and spirit. How can you move forward if you undermine every attempt to reach your goals?

What you give out into the world is exactly what you will get. When you judge, you are also being judged.

It is your choice what you give your attention to. You are so free, you can choose gossip. You are so free, you can choose love. You always get to have a choice.

The way you speak to your parents, and the attitude you bring to the dinner table set your mood for the rest of your day.

As you raise your vibrations, people who share the same values will naturally gravitate toward you.

Don’t expect somebody else to make you happy. Start with yourself.

Be kinder toward the world. The world will pay you back.

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Change Your ‘Have To’ Into ‘Get To’.

Your mental chatter shapes your life experiences.

Instead of saying ‘I have to go running’, try thinking ‘I get to run because of my physical strength and time to do it’.

‘I have to get up early’ switch to ‘I get to watch the sunrise’.

‘I have to read’ paraphrase into ‘I get to study the best authors, new ideas and expand my vocabulary’.

‘I have to eat healthy’ substitute for ‘I get to have access to vibrant and fresh food’.

How you condition your mind to perceive your surroundings impacts your reality. It is that simple.

Once you perceive the world through the lens of gratitude and positive expectations, your life will become an adventure.

CONTRIBUTED BY Katarzyna Portka

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