How to Drive Insane Personal Success


The 2 major drivers. Neither requires genius.

Success feels like this big, tricky conundrum. Give up everything for money or have plenty of free time but be broke af.


The die doesn’t have to land that way. Roll the success dice though and it always comes up with the same first answer…

No matter what your idea of success is, it’ll come down to these 2 foundational pieces.

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The success formula has always been simple. But never easy.

I call these foundational pieces ‘Major Drivers’.

Major Driver #1

The Daily Grind

Your life is made up of your years. Your years made up of your months. Your months made up of your weeks.

And finally…

Your weeks are made up of your days.

Accept and enjoy this. It’s actually a good thing. It means you just need to focus on nailing today. Then repeat tomorrow.

Start stacking daily habits and building out near perfect days.

Focus on high ROI habits you can never regret. Working out, meditating, building relationships, deep work, etc.

Also, consider front loading your days. If you can pack most of your good habits into the first part of the day, you’ve won it by noon.

Major Driver #2

You’re the Boss of All Bosses

In other words…Personal Responsibility. Take back your personal power.

When things go wrong, it’s your fault.

You’re not a victim of circumstance or society. It’s never “poor me!”

You don’t spend time worrying about what’s fair or equal.

You just get to work focusing on this: what actually matters + what’s within your control. You let go of the rest.

When you focus on what’s within your control your life does a 180. It’s hard to be personally responsible and unsuccessful.


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