17 Actions Your Future Self Will Thank You For


17 Actions Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Every action today impacts your tomorrow. Choose wisely.


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Your tiniest action today has a ripple effect. It shapes your future.

This is an opportunity — because it’s the little acts that shape tomorrow and chasing these tiny acts is easier.

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Sadly, we usually assume that we need to do ‘big things’ for changing our life.


Do these seventeen easy acts so your future self is grateful to you.

1. Choosing Happiness

We often forget that we can always choose to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind we can prioritise slipping into.

Don’t wait for somebody or an occasion to make you feel happy.

It’s your remote control.

Keep choosing happiness. Again and again.

2. Curating Your Feed

It’s never been more important for you to curate what you see online.

What you feed your mind is what you put out, so don’t feed it BS.

Mute negativity and anything that makes you feel inadequate. Else you’ll always feel less pretty, rich, and successful.

2. Hopping Into Present

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” ― Eckhart Tolle

When you move away from overthinking, regretting your past, or worrying about your future, you realise right now is pretty okay.

The mind is notorious for making you believe all the negative stories it cooks.

Hop into the present to escape it. Keep doing it and with practice, this will come to you naturally.

4. Respect Your Body

When I worked out to lose 25kgs because I was tired of being obese, my primary motivation was I had to do it for my body. I have to respect it instead of making it open to invite diseases.

Respect your body by moving it enough.

Feed yourself food that’ll nourish you.

5. Doing What You Love

No, I’m not talking about quitting your job and following your passion. But take out time to do things you genuinely enjoy.

It’ll give more life to your finite time.

6. Genuinely Loving Yourself

It’s very difficult to love somebody or spread love to others when you can’t give it to yourself first.

And if you’re filled with love within, it flows out to people around you. They can feel your positive energy.

You’re the only person you’ll live with till the end. Why not be in love? It makes things sweeter; they say in the movies.

7. Taking Time Off

I recently met my uncle, who’s an entrepreneur, has a Ferrari, and is a self-made millionaire. His regrets were:

not attending his son’s soccer games
not spending enough time with family
Take time off. Every second is a moment gone that won’t come back.

8. Deleting Some Friends

You don’t need everybody in your life who was once there. You don’t need to forgive everybody who hurts you and accept them with open arms.

Forgive — for your mental peace.

Remove people who don’t serve you. Few amazing people are better than negative energy vampires.

9. Tell Somebody How You Feel About Them

I motivated my brother to do this when he was in high school. He mustered the courage to confess his feelings to his crush, who told him she just looked at him ‘as a friend’.


Well, I still stick with this.

If you feel something in your heart, let that person know.

If a guy wouldn’t have told me that he was in love within a month of knowing me, I wouldn’t have been able to call him my fiance right now.

10. Taking a Day off Dopamine

The modern devil is cheap dopamine. — Naval Ravikant

We’re talking about notifications here, not the dopamine you get from cuddling or spending time with your dog.

Take a day off your social media so you can get away from the noise.

Relax a bit. Stop your neurons from firing so much. The world won’t halt because you weren’t available for a day.

11. Knowing Your Intention

Why do you do whatever it is you’re doing?

Question it. Observe your response.

It’ll help you get closer to yourself. Knowing my intention behind why I write helps me give more value instead of just writing for the heck of it.

Intention helps you find and stay aligned with your purpose.

12. Find Your Ikigai

Ikigai is finding this sweet spot:

Image by the author via Canva
According to the Japanese, it’s the secret to long-term happiness. My journey to find my ikigai fuelled me with my purpose.

13. Lift Others

Winners have their secrets on display.

They know that lifting others is the way to go. It’s also less tiring than plotting to take people down.

If you can improve lives by helping others, why would you not?

14. Buy What You Want

I’m exhausted by reading how to not spend on lattes or what you don’t truly need to create wealth.

You create wealth by saving and investing. Not by 100% saving.

If you really want something, just buy it. I bought an iPad Pro and the overpriced pencil last week. I tried to justify it in my head as a ‘business expense’.

How stupid.

You make money. It’s okay to spend it. Overindulgence and ‘over’ anything is unhealthy.

Balance is the key. Spoil yourself.

15. Eat That Cookie

Seriously, just eat it.

It’s not the rare indulgences that affect you.

Fitness is a long-term game. Play it well so you don’t have to think too much about eating a cookie.

16. Get in Touch With Your Inner Self

Know yourself. Connect with your body. Recognise your emotions better.

It just makes swimming through life easier.

When I started yoga, it surprised me how I connected with my body.

Even my food choices changed when I didn’t indulge in emotional eating and counting calories. I could ‘feel’ what’s okay to eat and what isn’t.

Isn’t it supposed to be the way?

Because eating fuels living, and while we’re in touch with others’ lives, we’re losing such a basic connection with ourselves.

17. Squat

I only got to know the benefits once I squatted every day for 180 days. It wasn’t a plan or a challenge; it was a part of my physiotherapy rehab.

And wow. It’s not just about the peach emoji (note: glutes) but also how strong it makes your legs and core.

Just get up right now and do ten squats. Repeat every day.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” ―Paulo Coelho

You have a chance to create that ripple effect at every waking moment.

Take that chance.

CONTRIBUTED BY Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

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