10 Tiny Habits That Help You Sleep Like a Baby


10 Tiny Habits That Help You Sleep Like a Baby

How to build a better sleep time for a healthy life


Sleeping is the least important thing for many. In the era of video games, binge-watching, using smartphones until dawn, sleep has given the last priority in the lives of this generation. It is resulted in multiple health issues and based on the research study we can understand the significance of good sleep.

In this article, let us see some of the tiny habits that you can cultivate in your life and sleep like a child.

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All you need is two minutes before bed.

1. Do Pranayama

Pranayama is a breathing exercise that you start doing from now on, I recently started doing pranayama and the quality of sleep it gives me is immense. No more 3 AM wake up and thinking about your 9 am client call.

This study shows the importance and efficacy of pranayama on sleep disorders. There are plenty of resources available on the internet to know more about pranayama, but I’d like to suggest having the right teacher to learn it.

Experience Tip: Pranayama helps if you are unable to sleep, I was an owl before I practicing pranayama after I adapted this habit, now I could sleep within few minutes. Instead of lying on the bed and doing it, you can sit on the bed and do it first.

2. Bless a stranger

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” — William Morris

Every night before I sleep, I bless a stranger from my heart and soul. I wish them all good and I do a quick 1-minute prayer for their wellness and health. It is a habit that I learned from my grandma when I was young. She was not an educated woman but an experienced woman who had abundant knowledge about many things.

By checking the pulse of a sick person she could tell will he survive or die, this might sound mystic, but to date, we are wondering how did she learn this, she didn’t reveal the secret behind that, but her prediction was always 100% accurate.

She was the one who taught me this blessing habit and I am grateful for this habit as it gives much fulfillment and satisfaction to my heart when I blessed someone.

Experience Tip: We have hundreds or thousands of contacts stored in our mobile phones, choose one name and bless them, if in case you are running out of strangers.

3. Switch off the mobile data

Mobile phone is one of the major distraction for us to sleep early. I had a habit of keeping the mobile aside from my bed and used to check it when there is a notification sound/vibration. Later, I realized that impacts my sleeping a lot.

Switching off your mobile data/wifi can help you a healthy sleep. Another best practice is not using your mobile before an hour of your bedtime, which has dual benefits, a) Your eyes will thank you b) You will have a better sleep.

Experience Tip: Try to keep your mobile out of the bedroom, if you can’t, try to keep it far from your reach, a strong NO for having it near your pillow on your bed 🙂

4. Open a physical book and read 5 pages

Another important study reveals the benefits of reading a physical book before your sleeping time. You need not read a 100+ page novel. Start with 5 pages per day, this way you will be able to read a 150-page book in a month.

Reading has more benefits. Reading is another form of meditation to me, I read a lot and it has helped me in many aspects of my life.

Experience Tip: I’ve started this habit back in 2017, I read 5 pages a day, but as the days go on, I read a minimum of 30 pages a day. Another thing about the physical book is, it brings back the memory of pre-ebook days and travel to those beautiful days of childhood. In a nutshell, you will read more pages even if you started with 5 pages per day, that’s a win, isn’t it?

5. Delete 50 promotion emails

Cleaning up the email inbox helps us to have a fresh start for the next day, as we are living in the times of promotional emails, delete those emails every night before you go to bed.

Experience Tip: Have a specific time to do this habit, for example, 10 pm every night. If you stick to a specific time, you will not need a reminder to do it after few days. Delete those useless emails and have a peaceful sleep.

6. Think of your parents or teachers who helped you climb up in life

Life has many ladders, what we are today is because of the sacrifice of our parents(for many). Think about those who helped you climbed up in life and send them a virtual hug and a gratitude note.

Think of them every night before you sleep gives a soul connect and you will have a sound sleep with a blissful feel.

Experience Tip: Recently, I spoke to one of my teachers and thanked her for all the efforts she put in to make me understand the subject. She didn’t expect a call from me after 20 years and she was so happy that I remember her and called her. You can call one of your teachers and give them surprising happiness. In return, you will get their true blessings. Give it a try today.

7. Wander in your garden for a quick walk

Numerous studies have found that walking reduces stress and anxiety. Walking also helps to have better sleep, you can go for a quick walk in your backyard or garden that helps you a lot.

You need not go for a super brisk walk and hit that magical 10k steps, however, walk as much you can, your body will thank you and you will have a better sleep.

Experience Tip: I live near the sea. I go for a walk in the late evenings and spend some time staring at the beauty of the sea and sky. It helps me de-stress and improve my creativity. Also, I take different routes to reach the sea, it helps me to explore new places and new people, and new birds. Walking will become enjoyable and your future self will be grateful for you.

8. Declutter your bedroom

Simple living starts with a minimalistic usage of things. If you have a look at your bedroom you will realize how many unnecessary things you have in your bedroom. Do you really use all those? Don’t we need a good bed and ventilation for good sleep?

I asked these questions to myself and started de-cluttering my bedroom, that is when I realized how many things were simply lying in the bedroom. By any chance, if you have a TV in your bedroom, it is time to move it out. It is a real sleep-killer!

Experience Tip: By any chance, if you have a TV in your bedroom, it is time to move it out. It is a real sleep-killer! TV triggers your mind to watch late-night movies or series and we end up nocturnal.

9. Affirmation for next day

Affirmations help us to repeat the energy-filled sentences and get them registered in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind then acts as a bridge between us and the universe to help us achieve our desire/goals.

Right before you sleep if you do affirmation, it will have a significant positive impact on your life. You will wake up energized, you will realize that mental energy is the fuel for a productive day, and more.

Experience Tip:

A sample affirmation that I use every night:

I am so happy and grateful to be an infinite being.

I am limitless.

All my happiness spread my house like the fragrance of a flower.

All my positive words flow like a beautiful river.

I came to this world on purpose.

I will find that and live this beautiful life full of love, compassion, and a grateful heart.

10. Two minutes thought habit

Mastering others is the strength, mastering yourself is the true power — Lao Tzu

We all know thoughts become things. But channelizing the thoughts to a correct path is the most difficult thing for us. Most of the time thoughts take control over us and we struggle to come out of them. One who knows how to control the thoughts and channelize them is known as the Master of thoughts. Let us learn a new habit today. This habit will help you to master your thoughts.

Example: You want to attract your life partner, Close your eyes for two minutes and think only about this thought. The moment you close your eyes, you will be circled by several thoughts. It will be tough initially however if you stick to one thought then you will be able to hold it. So close your eyes and think “only” about you in the wedding dress. Do not visualize/think of other things; just think for two minutes about your life partner.

Benefits: When you hold on to one particular thought, all your energy is focused on that particular thought and it starts to send the signal to the Universe. The universe will respond to a firm thought rather than several weak thoughts. You can test this with simple things like “I have a free coffee at Starbucks tomorrow or I will get a phone call from my college friend” etc.

Experience Tip: This particular habit can bring countless benefits to your life, but the instant one is to get a good sleep as this habit helps to calm your jumping thoughts and focus on only one particular thought.

Final Thoughts

Cultivating a new habit will not take more time if you are sticking to a daily habit schedule, you need not do all these habits every night, instead, you can choose the ones which fit your lifestyle and stick to it. Sleep is essential for us. Healthy sleep brings happiness to your life, you’ve come to this planet to live a happy & healthy life right?

I wish you a blessed day ahead 😃

CONTRIBUTED BY Rajesh Vairapandian

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