8 Insanely Easy Habits That Will Change Your Life


8 Insanely Easy Habits That Will Change Your Life

We must focus on being happier and our best selves. The goal is to be healthy, kinder to ourselves, and get everything done (because we deserve to have it all). This list of 8 absurdly simple, beneficial behaviors may alter your life.


1. Make the bed

Please, make your bed. Making your bed in the morning is key to a successful day.

Making your bed every morning gives you a tiny win before your coffee, which unconsciously motivates you to achieve hundreds more during the day (and you know what they say about small wins: they lead up to really big ones).

Gretchen Rubin found it’s the easiest and most prevalent way to enhance happiness.

2. Sort tasks into life goals

Making a to-do list isn’t novel, but how are you prioritizing your daily tasks? Before establishing your next to-do list, consider your long-term goals.

Your to-do list should advance these goals. Strategize business growth, take 30-minute online lessons, or exercise to be more active.

Even simple to-do lists can be long-term.

Making a to-do list with goals in mind will show you where to spend your time.

You’ll always have to undertake basic house chores or unpleasant jobs, but figure out where you can outsource them and prioritize what will get you closer to your goals first (yes, that means a workout or brainstorm meeting you’ve been putting off).

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3. Get your greens on!

Healthier isn’t always dramatic. In reality, a series of simple habits and nutrition changes snowball into a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t focus on avoiding food groups or restricting your diet (that can lead to bingeing or an unhealthy relationship with food).

At least twice a day, eat leafy greens. Spinach in an omelette, kale in pasta sauce, and side salad when dining out.

4. Set deadlines

Learn from college all-nighters and professional assignments that you meet deadlines.

The main difference between a job assignment or a paper for “Shakespeare 101” is that we don’t have a deadline to meet.

Give yourself a precise and reasonable deadline (such as replacing your couch, making a coworker your buddy, or running three miles).

Try signing up for a marathon, or letting a friend or family member know your deadline so they can hold you accountable.

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5. Instead of a social media break, move.

You know, love, and depend on social media breaks from work. At this point, opening Instagram may be second nature when you’re between tasks.

Instead of browsing Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok between jobs, get up and exercise. A few jumping jacks, a short dance party, a yoga flow, or some stretches will help you focus for the rest of the day.

6. Read More…

I make reasons to avoid reading more. “I’m too tired,” “I don’t have any new books,” and “How can I do anything else with my leisure time when Sex and the City are on Hulu?!?” are common excuses I use.

Reading is fun and healthy. Spend more time reading, whether it’s before bed, during a break in the afternoon, or as a morning habit. Read what? Start with inspiring, educational, and amusing summer literature.

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7. Replace “sorry” with “thanks”

I constantly apologize. I say “sorry” when someone repeats themselves or I bump into a stranger, and I apologize for being late or making a mistake. Women are taught to be courteous by putting themselves down, even though “sorry” is simply a word. Instead of “sorry,” say “thanks.”

“Thank you for your patience!” instead of “Sorry for being late!” is another approach to being grateful and kind to oneself. Saying sorry is vital in relationships when you make a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings, but displaying gratitude might be even more significant.

8. Clean before bed

I know you don’t want to clean after a long day (the horror!). Dishes in the sink or laundry on the chair (we all have that one chair) can make us less relaxed before bed or more stressed the next day.

Dedicate five extra minutes before night to run the dishwasher, clean off kitchen counters, and clean any papers or laundry in the bedroom.

A less messy bedroom can help you sleep, and a tidy kitchen can help you wake up happier. Get your greens on!


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