4 Ways A Healthy Lifestyle Impacts Your Finances


4 Ways A Healthy Lifestyle Impacts Your Finances

The benefits of investing in our health NOW exponentially benefit our future health


Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t guarantee 100% perfect health, but it sure does increase your chances of experiencing perfect health.

Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity are the top health issues in America. Though some cases of these ailments are not preventable due to genetics, many of these ailments are caused by ourselves through diet, exercise, and regular doctor visits.

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Long-Term Healthcare Costs

The more you invest in your health now, the more your future self will thank you. Many people who refrained from working out and eating healthy experience high long-term healthcare expenses. If you take care of your body now, your future body will thank you by lowering your healthcare costs into old age.

Catch Stuff Early

When you regularly attend your annual exams (dental, physical, colonoscopy, breast, etc.) and get regular blood work, you catch things earlier, which means you can take prudent action. Your annual exams also provide cues for which actions you might need to take to prevent disease.

Dining Costs

When you eat out less, you tend to save more money than when you eat out. Dining out is considered a luxury, and this luxury comes with a dainty price tag. The less you eat out, the more you can invest in quality groceries that last 1–4 weeks at a time. Additionally, the more power you have over the foods and ingredients you put into your body. We don’t know what restaurants put into their food.

Dental Costs

Sweets are my favorite, but I also understand that if I eat too many, there could be significant consequences to how my body functions and how many teeth I have left. Eating less sugar positively impacts your body and helps decrease the amount of work and maintenance your teeth will require.

Dental costs can get pricy — especially when you don’t take care of your teeth. Skipping those bi-annual dental appointments will catch up with you.

Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Costs

The prescriptions keep piling up, and too many people have a truckload of medications in their homes. We’ve become okay with shoving pharma-junk into our bodies — despite the widespread availability of natural remedies and the option to take daily actions that enhance our health.

Whenever I go to my annual appointment, if I mention something is off with my body, the first thing they offer is a medication, which I decline 99.99% of the time. There are too many natural remedies and actions I can explore with my personal healthcare choices.

The Future Benefit of Now

Investing in your healthcare now will most likely benefit your future health. But another positive benefit is the more you invest in your health now, the less likely you will need to overspend on your health down the line.

Think of your long-term healthcare plan as an investment; there will be drops in the market (i.e., times of minor sickness), but the long-term rewards (i.e., quality health into old age) will be astronomical.

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