3 Common Habits of Highly Mediocre People


3 Common Habits of Highly Mediocre People

Create a better life by avoiding these common traps


What’s the difference between the mediocre and successful version of yourself?

Your daily habits.

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You are what you repeatedly do every day. What you eat, what content you consume online, and your daily movements. They all add up.

Good habits make time your friend. Bad habits make time your enemy. And compound interest works both ways.

Improve 1% every day and you’ll be 37 times better in a year. Get 1% worse every day, and you won’t just stay in the same place, you’ll move backward.

You can create a more successful version of yourself by just avoiding these 3 mediocre habits.

They Make Growth a Hobby, Not a Necessity.

Occasional attempts at growth result in occasional growth.

I had a high school friend who would like to start a business. Who wants to get in shape and healthy. Who wants to achieve financial independence.

As teenagers, we connected on the ambition we both had for our lives. We would spend all our time chatting about what our lives would be like in 10 years.

I took this very seriously. I started reading self-development books, creating positive habits such as meditation and exercise and dived deeply into building a career that I found satisfying.

But what steps does he take every day towards those goals? Not many at all. He talks a big game whilst taking very little responsibility.

After 10 years, he is still in the same spot. Never having really made any ground to achieve anything meaningful. He works a job he doesn’t like and hangs around the same people who keep him stuck.

I’ve made it a point to almost disregard anything anyone says to me until I see sustained action over time. Behaviour is the only judgment I use.

Don’t fall into this mediocre habit. Take steps to grow into a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

They Don’t Value Their Time.

Most people will remain poor their whole life.

Not financially poor, but time-poor.

In Australia, there was a local promotion of a free meal at a local restaurant chain on one specific day. People queued for hours and it received lots of media attention.

One interviewee said they had been waiting for 6 hours to get their hands on a free meal that costs about $15.

I couldn’t believe it.

You’re saying you value your hourly rate at less than $3 an hour?

This is why most people will remain where they are. They don’t value the most precious commodity they have available to them.

Time is your most precious non-renewable asset.

Time is what allows you to build your empire.

Time is money.

This is why people waste time waiting in lines for 6 hours. This is why people stay in relationships long after they stop being loving. This is why people waste away at jobs they hate.

This is why most people live mediocre lives. Not valuing your time means not valuing your life.

They Don’t Value Their Environment

Your environment is the greatest predictor of your future actions.

Surround yourself with junk food, video games and porn and I can safely predict what activities you’ll engage in.

Surround yourself with negative, toxic, or people going nowhere in life, and I can see where your future will be headed.

Fill your mind with social media, lack of nature and mainstream news content and I can tell you how you’ll be thinking.

Show me your environment and I can predict where you’ll be in 10 years.

Whether you like it or not, your environment precedes action. Change your environment to change your life.


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