Why Poor People remain Poor.

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Why Poor People remain Poor

From the Books “I will Teach you to be Rich”, “The Psychology of Money”, “Secret of Millionaire” etc. always teach us few proven Reason why Poor People remain Poor and Rich people able to keep increasing their Wealth.


5 Important Facts are


These people always criticising about people or complaining about the things.
If someone asks them to start a small Business, then they would say — Its not profitable
If someone asks them to start New Business, then they would say — Its so much Risky
If someone asks them to up-skill in Job, then will complain about Colleagues.


Wasting Lots of Time, just by Watching Sports, specially Cricket !
Sports are Good as Exercise, but Wasting 3–6 Hours just to Watch, is Worst Idea !

In place — Read Books or Take your Habits/ Passions at different level


If you want to get Rich, then Respect the Rich & Successful people. It’s okay to Ask them how they made it.

But in place, we just get Jealous with their success and financial growth.
And that pushes us back & never open the doors of Success / Ideas for us.


Earning $5,000 a Month and Buy Things of $15,000 !!! It’s just because of FOMO — Fear of Missing Out.

We will remain Poor, if keep Buying things with EMIs, Loans and Debts → Just for the Show-Off

Loan/ Debt is Excellent to Help to Grow Business if its with Purpose !!

Stopped Learning

Many people stopped learning as soon as they are out from College / School

We Like to update iPhone, Watch, Appliances, Lifestyle → But at the same time, Why we don’t Want to Upgrade our Knowledge & Expect We can Earn More with Older Knowledge !!

2 Things which I Learned and Applied → Tremendous Result

In place of “ I Can’t Afford It”, start saying “How can I afford It ?” — It will surely open so many more ways to Achieve It.

And last one — We only want Do the things which we Love. But, my dear friend — Only Those things will help you to Get the Success, which You Don’t Like / Not Comfortable With.

Think on it. This post is inspired by one of the sessions of “Sonu Sharma”.


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